ABLE side dishes

or just side dishes in general

got any good recipes?

:eggplant: :eggplant: :eggplant:


thought youโ€™d be the man for this tbh

i really hate how youโ€™ve chosen to begin this thread


What sort of thing you after. Itโ€™s a big brief innit. Hot? Cold? Any particular veg? Etc?

melanzane alla parmigiana

Love this stuff. Best thing in the summer.

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so not just cover this with cream and cheese and breadcrumbs and smash it down


fried spinach, pine nuts, garlic

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put some kale under the grill for a bit as a crunchy topping

baked kale (ten mins then smattering of sea salt)

carrots carrots carrots
broccoli with lime juice and olive oil

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you know what, iโ€™m not really a fan of cucumber(s)

donโ€™t hate them but not really into them. might give this a go and see if it wins me round.

That is foolproof, though, tbf :wink:

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did I spook ya?

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are the carrots going in the oven

Beetroot and celeriac gratin

Made a pretty peng panzanella this weekend

Loads of mixed tomatoes, artichokes, red pepper, torn up sourdough, white wine/balsamic vinegar, capers, (anchovies would probs be good if non veggie). Bung it in the oven for 25 minutes, then stir through some spinach at the end.

Good way to get rid of stale bread too

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the aubergine?

Roast tubers.

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Quorn burgers and chips

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