Vegetarian Pizzas Always Taste Better Than Meat Based Ones

and people who order meat feast pizzas need to stop sitting on the fence

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no they don’t

and also, fuck off

well i NEVER


Agree but you need some chillis on there too


i’d love one of those dominos meat feasts with the meatballs that taste disgusting but wonderful

Pepperoni is the only meat I ever enjoy on a pizza, really. Good pizza definitely doesn’t need meat, though.


Agree. Spinach and Ricotta is my default. Usually go for Olives and sun dried toms over pepperoni etc.

Apparently Italians frown upon chicken on pizza but I’m not able to verify this.

Pepperoni might be the only meat I miss.

it’s not even 9am and I already really want pizza

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  • It’s not that I don’t fully agree with you, more that I don’t like you.
  • Pizza!
  • but you have stew for dinner

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I can’t answer this because I have never eaten a meat-based pizza. But I am a MASSIVE fan of pizza so it seems like it must be true.

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Oh damn, I’d forgotten all about that


Have a found a vegan pizza place 20mins walk from where I’m staying in Oslo.



Does it have vegan cheese or does it just celebrate normal ingredients?

(not thay vegan vheese isn’t normal, i, um, just haven’t given it a go, yet)

Or did i? What was on those realy nice vegan enchiladas i had in Bacalar?

Yeah meat feasts are usually poor quality meat and so are rubbish.

Used to love a bit of nduja on a good quality pizza. Any great pizza place should do a great margherita though.


Italian mates have repeatedly told me chicken on a pizza is not done in Italy. Also they get furious about pineapple on pizza

Beef, chicken, sweetcorn, mushroom, barbecue base. Thanks.

meat pizza is often overwhelming as don’t eat a lot of meat.
Prefer something with feta and peppers and all that jazz.
Like a meat feast is quite grotesque when you think about it.

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Cannot get behind your sentiment and feel like you should apologise for the outstanding level on incorrect you hit this morning