Vehicles in TV - Especially The Simpsons



Airwolf/Blue Thunder - Helicopter
Knight Rider - car
That one with Hulk Hogan - boat
C.H.I.P.S. - motorbike
Are You Being Served - department store
The Love Boat - cruise ship


Street Hawk - motorbike


Couldn’t remember the name of that one so had to go with chips


A-Team: that van


Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle - Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle


And the corvette


The real ghostbusters - Ecto 1/Ambulance


Stingray - Combat Submarine


Scooby Doo: also that van


The Chuckle Brothers : Pedal Powered Car


Last of the Summer Wine: bath


The Flintstones - Fred’s two feet


Star Trek: Spaceship
Star Trek Next Generation: Spaceship
Start Trek Deep Space Nine: Spaceship
Star Trek Voyager: Spaceship
Other Star Trek things: usually a spaceship


Fuck. it’s going to be interesting to see who picks me up on DSN…


This was set on a space station!
It’s even in the title!
(YES they got the Defiant in one of the middle seasons but WHATEVER)


Phoenix Nights - Mobility Scooter


Only Fools And Horses - Reliant Regal


Jimmy Carr
Hugh Laurie


Denise Van Outen


Curb - Prius