Venezuela - Maduro, US Meddling, etc

mobilising the contras



Attention! Security forces dismantled plan to assassinate protesters in the mobilizations of this 23E. One person died in confrontation

the contras were in possession of stolen military uniforms and weapons, and some of the guns are still unaccounted for.

thwarted media:

someone tried to get these anti-government psychos to commit a massacre at the anti-government protest today, but government forces prevented it, thank god.

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rubio is such a fuck up, way to telegraph your evil scheme you prick

what a doofus

blowing your own evil scheme while telegraphing who is next on your hit list lmao

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Brazil to attack?

i always find it creepy af how the press dial back on the hysteria and are so uncritical of him when reporting his speeches against Official Super Bad Countries. as if the man has ever had a serious thought about anything in his life, or has sincere convictions about any of this stuff.

if they were doing their jobs right, they would ask him, on live television, what language venezuelans speak, and what countries it shares a border with. 60 seconds of him slurring bullshit while flanked by his ridiculous generals and neocon psychos would maybe, just maybe, make a few people question the role of the US in all this madness.

i suppose this is exactly why reporters never break kayfabe tho.


bolsonaro needing that lebensraum, exxon needing that oil. president deals, everyone!

The press loves war so they’re always going to eat this stuff up

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cross posting this in the fascism thread

How the fuck does that work, is he not officially Nicolas Maduro?

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Leaders can be toppled by social media verifications now?

Lovely stuff. Another symptom of our tedious dystopia.


He should do an Assange and put a blue diamond emoji next to his username instead


russia, iran and china have warned against US interference in venezuela now. one thing i think is overlooked is how badly the US defeats in iraq, afghanistan and syria have really damaged their reputation. their post-war hegemony definitely seems to be in the process of ending. that pre-ww2, multi-polar world is the normal state of things i guess, but i think the yanks got swept up in this “hyperpower” business to a massive degree. they can’t operate like they used to do, but they’re living in the past to quite a large extent. iraq was their last hurrah i suppose.

of course how much trump cares about reality will affect everything. and iran is still somewhere they all have a massive chub on for.

totally non partisan to call Maduro a dictator ofc


the banality of evil etc etc

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@wewerewerewolvesonce you think that’s bad, here’s the how the calm and level headed centrists at vox are covering it:

Maduro, a socialist dictator, has overseen much of that collapse.

A long-time dictator and international pariah maintains he won a widely disputed election to stay in power.

wonder if these patriotic US wonks could remind me who is king of the whole world despite losing the election by 3 million votes…

bit of an info dump, apologies to all:

(i’m sure they used to be better at not saying the quiet part loud)

“russian asset” donald trump, folks:

this is why doing the “i agree maduro is evil but regime change is wrong” both sides stuff is dumb and wrong:

transparently a propaganda onslaught rn tbh. but it’s extremely heartening to see how strong the pushback has been. this is a great video if you get into it with a “but but venezuela” knucklehead:


I know loads of Venezuelans here, and not a single one of them is sad about Maduro going. there was a massive party in the square here last night with about 3-400 Venezuelans celebrating.

quite a weird thing isn’t it. obviously Maduro isn’t/wasn’t a good guy, and the only people I’ve spoken to about him that like him are massive tankies, but on the other hand, neo-cons and fascists hate him…

every time they push another regime change, there’s a chunk of leftists who break off and start saying, “yeah, we were wrong to do it last time, but THIS time it’ll be different, people from that place actually want the US to do it.” (not saying this is what you’re doing). it’s incredible how short the collective memory is. if people want to celebrate him going, that’s fine. we don’t have to like him to recognize the US has no right to provoke violence, overthrow yet another government, and deliberately collapse a state with the help of outright fascists. because this is the thing - it’s the ideology of the government they are opposed to, not particular policies or people or whatever.

and not for nothing, but there have been considerable pro-government marches as big, if not bigger, than the anti-government protests over the last few weeks, and the vast majority of the venezuelan working class seem to support the government even if they don’t support maduro per se. it’s for the venezuelan people to sort out imo.

i’m not saying that. just a bit loathe to mention any of this to a load of people who have horrifying tale after horrifying tale about where they’re from. the whole thing seems awful, from Maduro to the puppet that seems to have been installed.

dunno man, the struggle is international.

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well i’m not saying piss off or upset or even discuss it with your venezuelan mates. i don’t know what their experiences are. i wouldn’t argue with whatever they told me. it would be pointless and insulting if i was like hey guys check out these ace links i found on my lunch break, have i blown your frigging minds yet. the best we can do is say look, i get it, you’re hurting, but here is what happens when the US overthrows a government. here are the kinds of people they sponsor. here are the stacks of bodies that result. here’s what those places look like today. you’re right, the struggle is international, and from everything i know the least amount of harm and the most amount of good would come from allowing the venezuelan state to requisition the food from the private companies hoarding it, allowing medicine through the blockade, dropping the sanctions, and allowing negotiations and regional allies of the state to solve the problems.

look how much the iraqis hated saddam and how happy they were when american troops rolled in and overthrew him. then look at what those same iraqis were saying three years later. this stuff always ends badly.