Just discovered that they’re playing in my hometown in July.

How the hell are they so low on that list?

Gonna go see 'em.

Boom boom boom boom

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what was that really fun stupid dutch pop song you posted about a while ago?

That was a great story

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Too kind

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One of the absolute worst acts of all time. Most of the dregs from that era gain a little bit from nostalgia but they are still fucking hideous to listen to, proper leave the room stuff.

That said, hope you enjoy the gig.


one of my favourite posts on this website

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love how crappy this song is, it’s amazing

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sorry it’s not actually the vengaboys though

do you know what the chorus lyrics are?

I have to drink!
Bartender you hedged me not yet
Do me some beer
Every 15 minutes

says Google translate.

Just googled in case they’re also coming for Vierdaagsefeesten, but alas no

that’s perfect

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There is a shuttle bus in my hometown to a nightclub that has adapted their song to

The Butterbus is coming
And everybody’s jumping
From Shrewsbury town centre
A free shot when you enter

Beautifully done there, some real efforts gone into that


they played a big free outdoor show here for Paddy’s Day this year (you know, Ireland, Vengaboys, that whole connection there). they had more hits than i remembered them having but then it started raining so i went home.


Snollebollekes! :rofl:

Fucking hell

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Some great quotes in here

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Dutch Black Lace.

Netherlands are hosting Eurovision 2020

Vengaboys are Dutch

There’s an interval

You see where I’m going with this

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This is brilliant


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