Has he deleted his fb page now? :frowning:

Makes me really angry that these bigoted scumbags feel so emboldened these days that they openly spout the shit they were posting to his FB page under their real names.

Also pissing me off (on a much smaller scale obviously) is the complete lack of coverage of his album everywhere, I think I saw one non-blog review in Prog magazine but even places which reviewed his last one didn’t bother with the new one. Real shame as it’s a fantastic record.

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they’re now spamming comments on some of my YouTube videos, lol (deleted, although if it continues, I may do more).

Kovacs77, I agree, you’d at least think this attention would draw some to his music at least, but I think there was more given to The Demon Joke at this point.

Didn’t know any of this till I saw the post in the Great Things Posted On Social Media thread.

Glad he’s now managed to get something good from this, but I wouldn’t wish that sort of shit on anyone, what a cluster of cunts.


wait he won over £3m?!

just seen the posts in the other thread, ignore me

Guys. Come on.


I’m quite confused, is this A Thing That’s Happened or not?

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Tbf there was another that went for $100k that looked very similar. Wasn’t inconceivable.

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Vennart is a top bloke who has had a terrible time. Kind of a shame it’s not true, but the lie was worth it if it wound up Tommeh’s followers.

new tune “Dick Privilege”



Released a new album and it sounds really good, a lot more interesting than his previous two imo not that those weren’t good. This is less straight-forward and more intriguing, honestly closer to the Oceansize stuff in a way: