Ventilation in Venues

Does your local venue have good air filtration?

The Anchoress - who is clinically vulnerable - did a release on Bandcamp to fund buying air filters to lower her risks from performing live whilst Covid is still in high circulation (latest ONS numbers are that 1 in 25 people have it and around 350 people a week still dying from it in UK) (there’s also a new variant in US).

We’ve been trying to find out which venues have put in air filters but apart from Brudenell in Leeds, I haven’t found much, so thought I’d ask if you know if your local venue or any you frequent have out systems in.

Given the amount of tours being cancelled due to acts getting sick or artists pulling tours as the financial upside isn’t great enough to risk getting sick and having to postpone tours (often meaning losing £1000s on fixed costs)

And as music fans, attendances are back to the levels they once were, and I wonder to what extent that’s people avoiding crowded environments without ventilation? (Cost of living crisis also a huge factor too).

This is the company that The Anchoress bought her filters from on the advice of a scientist who’s been studying this.