Venue Crowdfunders

Thought it’d be good to have a thread to share news of venues that are seeking funds as there will be quite a few over the next while.

The Lexington:


Good Idea and it’s not just small venues that need help :

The Queen’s Hall Edinburgh:

Really hope The Lexington does not go under. Grabbed myself a black card :slight_smile:


Me too.


The Joiners, Southampton.

Been going to shows here for twenty years, favourite venue in the world.

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Wharf Chambers in Leeds (just a Paypal donation link)


The Tin Music & Arts, Coventry (live venue and community hub)

There’s also a Bandcamp benefit comp with a few local artists (including me).

Chucked them a bit when this first went down but that’s a good reminder to send some more!

Sheaf Street are doing a thing where you can buy drink/food vouchers and get extra free:

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Not a venue but Jason & Kim out of Los Campesinos own a tattoo parlour and obviously can’t work atm so they’re selling these pretty cool handmade LC signs to keep the wolf from the door

Cafe Oto ran an auction of music memorabilia which has finished now but they’re still taking donations


Two of my favourites in Brighton.

The Hope and Ruin -

The Green Door Store

Donated to the Hope, never seen a show there but it’s my favourite place to eat in Brighton!

Rest assured the upstairs venue is great. It’s a lovely place overall and really caters for quite a lot of stuff, what with the kitchen and free art events downstairs.

Maybe their wider range of events and reasons to visit is why they seem to have received quite a few more donations than GDS at this stage.

Ramsgate Music Hall have released Idles’ performance there back in 2018 with all money going to the venue.

You can also buy a t-shirt too (I’m planning on doing so as their Braids gig got cancelled and I haven’t been there in a couple of years)

There’s a website setup which has quite a lot of the venues crowdfunders in one location. You can have a look in your area to see which venues have one setup

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Not a venue, but one of the few good music publications is in need of saving.