Venues for new bands? (Now that Good Ship is no more)

Hey everyone,

It’s been awhile since I’ve booked loud rock gigs in London. We went acoustic/folky for a couple of years but are now strapping the electrics back on. Last time was when The Good Ship and Buffalo Bar were still going strong and putting on great nights for new bands.

Does anyone have any recommendations that don’t involve being squeezed in-between 6 other bands and having your friends pay £8 to get on a ‘cheap list’?

Venues that actually put on decent nights please.

Many thanks!

Local to me recommendations…

New Cross Inn will put on bands 5/6 nights a week:

And The Five Bells, during the day something of a Millwall pub to be avoided, has now hoovered up the bookings from The Montague Arms (RIP):

Both good for the noisier end of the spectrum :+1:

Many thanks!

Doesn’t have to be heavy heavy noise - just louder than The Harrison where we’ve been (happily) plucking away these last couple of years.

We played The Finsbury through Lost in The Manor back in the day - looks like that night’s still going.

Sorry, thinking aloud now.

I’ve you’ve been going for more than a couple of years how are you a new band? x