verbally abused by my boss [serious]

so basically I have resigned from my job and have 3 more days to servce. The company is family-owned by a husband/wife, who are the GM/director etc. But we have no HR dept (the GM “wears this hat” because the company cannot hold down staff - the last HR employee quit after 3 weeks).

On Friday I was verbally abused by the director (called a name, sworn at) and I’m wondering if I can really do anything? Complaining to the GM will not get me anywhere, they are married. There is a board of directors but they are also good friends with the bosses.

I’m not having a cry here, I’m capable of taking an insult, but I think this is absolutely unacceptable from a business owner/employer. I’m sure he did it as I’m currently serving my notice period and therefore I’m trash to the company. Is there anything I can do?

Serious replies are helpful, but feel free to suggest petty ways to get revenge

I’m not sure there’s anything you can do, but if you don’t think you’ll ever need a reference from them, there’s not a lot they can do if you don’t turn up for your last 3 days.

Have you heard of glassdoor?

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Sorry to hear you’ve gone through that. There’s probably not a lot you can do, unless the insult was related to a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2005. The focus of any action in a lot of instances would be in preventing recurrence, rather than something more punitive anyway, so at least you won’t have to out up with being around them much longer. What sort of outcome would you want?

If it were me I’d thibk about the impact walking out now would have on my wages. If I thought I might not get my wages I’d stick it out. If not I’d be out of there.

Would lose 3 days wage+ 4.5 days annual leave. So 7.5 days wage. I want to walk out so bad, but that’s basically a month’s rent and I feel like turning up and making them have to pay me that last 7.5 days would bother them the most.

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A formal apology, a reference from him and not my 2IC, would be a start.

Pretty sure they get bad reviews removed. They are a very vindictive and aggressive employer.

No point asking for an apology? Half the time these days references arent anything more than confirming your employment, so wouldn’t overly worry about that.

I’m not an expert on these things, but I agree with other posters that you could probably only get external help if they’ve behaved criminally (discrimination etc.). However, the line from your OP that stood out to me was that the company cannot hold down staff. Is there a longer running issue with treatment of staff? If so, the best thing that could come out of you leaving is either a) they are compelled to change their conduct dramatically or b) the jobseeking public have access to this information in the form of their reputation. I’m sure there are a few ways of achieving this.

Absolutely, within the year I’ve been there, they must have lost 10 staff across a ~25-30 staff size. All leaving for the same reason - toxic working environment, verbal borderline abuse from ownership, feelings of deflation/low confidence etc.

No point anything gets posted on the right channels, because they claim slander/defamation of business and will probably come at the person who posted with legal threats. Nothing will change with their conduct, they are too stubborn/ignorant to think anything is wrong.

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Can you call in sick? Would you get your pay in this instance?


Three more days and then you never have to see these cunts ever again.


They’d probably force a doctor cert

Thanks for your suggestion, but it would be up to them to approve the leave + the reason?

If the doctor signs it off, not a lot they can do (in the long run. I assume short term they can withhold pay and make you sue them)

I would feel that’s a disservice to people who suffer from anxiety permanently, in this case it’s situational

Perfectly legitimate. Work related stress

As for your response above, fair enough, although if there is a way you could highlight, once you’ve got yourself further employment of course, I’d still recommend it

This. Just swing the lead as much as absolutely possible, see if there’s any discrete minor sabotage you can get up to.

You’re a good’un :slight_smile: but seriously, situational anxiety is no less of a big deal

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