Verne Troyer RIP

That’s sad. I liked him when he was on Big Brother.

Does the article make it sound like he committed suicide?

That bit about depression and suicide was taken from the announcement on his Instagram :cry:

I think he did yeah :frowning:

So sad. This week has seen Dale Winton, Avicii, and Verne Troyer all gone and all (probably) because of mental health issues


Someone on Twitter made quite a good point that three quite high-profile male celebrities with documented mental health problems have passed away within a week.

People generally need to talk about their mental health more, but especially men. There’s nothing to be ashamed of whatsoever. We’ve really got to do more to encourage positive environments where people feel comfortable enough sharing their problems.


That DiS Thread is brilliant btw


Such tragic news, another celeb death this week :frowning:

I think it’s good that there’s (slightly) less stigma attached to men getting help nowadays, but sometimes I think it has an undercurrent of shifting all the responsibility onto us as well, without really taking account of how society expects us to behave when we become depressed or experience mental health problems (dunno if I’m wording this right, I’m hungover and really sad about this news). I think we’re still expected, to some degree, even in ostensibly safe environments, to express unhappiness in a traditionally masculine way (get back to work lad, it’ll take your mind off it/play football/go on the piss/get laid/etc). Ive experienced it myself when seeking help in the past, and it’s extremely unhelpful. IDK what the solution is, sometimes I wonder if these traditional gender roles have been imposed on us all for so long there’s no overcoming them (but there must be a way, obviously).

It’s all so sad and so unnecessary :frowning_face: