Verso books recommendations?


I always get a bit overwhelmed looking on the Verso website and end up not buying anything, but I’d like to take advantage of their sale and order a couple of things. Has anyone got any recommendations?

sorry if this is the most wanky, pretentious thread i’ve ever started!


I would also be keen to hear any suggestions!


yeah been there a few times, but can never work out what’s going on with the site and just go back to giving amazon money.


what areas are you interested in? political economy? history? a particular region?

I would not recommend Grand Hotel Abyss. Violent Borders is good. some classics I see on their list of ebooks - dialectic of enlightenment, imagined communities…depends what you’re looking for.

they have their own reading lists too although some don’t seem to be very good, e.g. their migration one.


personally some writers I like: Christine Delphy, Nancy Fraser, Chantal Mouffe… I’ve just bought ‘Feminism and Nationalism in the Third World’ by Jayawardena ( I’m researching post/transnationalism feminism for my PhD).


lol *postcolonial/transnational


Thanks for this. I’m interested in most of their genres, but mainly in feminist literature, politics, economics, sociology and psychology, and media. Lots of things really!


I was just looking at ‘Feminism and Nationalism in the Third World’ so have put that on the list!


you might like Fortunes of Feminism by Nancy Fraser. It’s a collection of articles from the past 30 or so years. Interesting if you’re into sociology and feminist critiques of other left writers.


I really enjoyed this


Anyone read either of these?


Playing the Whore is a really great book which turns the ‘sex work debate’ on its head by looking at the way that the idea of ‘the whore’ works in popular discourse around sex.

Also it’s short so can be read really easily.


^this. another good short book is the prison correspondence between pussy riot and zizek.