Very basic speaker question/help

Hopefully this’ll just be fairly easy to answer.

At some point might invest in some high-end speakers for my turntable but not yet. Got a fairly basic Logitech 2.1 where one of the two satellites is broken, just looking to buy replacements - ideally would’ve just got the one but that apparently isn’t possible.

I just need two left/right speakers to go with my existing working subwoofer. From the back I assume I’m looking for two that can be powered by the subwoofer with RCA output:

This is where me being a bit dim comes in cos I’m struggling to find that part of the spec when browsing online.

Would these (for example) fit? Do I need to consider Watts or anything more technical like that?

Or any other recommendations for less than £100?

I’m assuming that your new speakers will need to be powered, rather than passive unless there’s an amp in the subwoofer which seems unlikely…RCA isn’t commonly used for speaker cables.

Wattage-wise, since the new speakers probably need to be powered anyway, they’ll have their own level control (probably) so you can balance the woofer vs satellite yourself. Wattage doesn’t matter since you can turn 'em up or down independently of the woofer.

I don’t know anything about multimedia speakers; this is all based on studio monitors and hifi speakers, but I’m assuming it’s all the same.

I would think you’d get a new 2.1 system of equivalent quality to your Logitech one for the same or less than those speakers you linked? Might be simpler?

Recomendation-wise, I have a pair of M-Audio powered monitors/media speakers on long-term loan that sound good and aren’t too expensive. They are nearly good enough to mix on.

Hope that helps a bit. Sorry; I’m no surround-sound expert!!

Cheers. Sorry, should’ve said it’s an amp and powered so not looking to buy a set of satellites with a plug.

Yeah, have just considered buying a brand new set and tbh it might be the way to go. Just seems wasteful when I’ve got a perfectly decent subwoofer and only really need to buy one replacement.

Can you get the manual or find it online and check the specs, eg resistance or something?

I was always fully shit at electronics but I have a feeling you need them balanced really.

Have you tried fixing the old speakers? I mean they are likely not complex…