Very dull thread about COMPUTER SCREENS! 🖥️

Hey gang,

I need/want a new computer screen for my little one-woman business. I use my computer mostly for (in work settings):

  1. Writing and editing text (and posting on drowned in sound dot com)
  2. Very basic design/graphic work for social media posts etc

Would probably want one around 27", and with adjustable height and such, and with good sharp colours.

Any exciting recommendations?

I won’t necessarily have access to exactly the same products as you lot due to being in another country, but most major brands etc are on the market here in any case.

Say, maybe something like this one?

Looks reasonable enough for your needs I think.

The refresh rate is low, but that’s not a problem for your use cases. Based on this review, it looks like you’d probably want to put it into sRGB mode to get good colour accuracy, but otherwise it seems to do what you’ve said you want pretty nicely.

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I don’t know what this means but would probably be able to figure it out I guess :sweat_smile:

It’ll be hidden in a menu somewhere - worst case give me a shout and I’ll try and piece together instructions!

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Its an industry standard golour gamut itll mean youll have accurate colours in that mode (no factory settong to make it POP/seem more vivrabt/atmospheric or anything like that) vital mode for design as youll know what colours youre actually using

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