VERY early Friday morning

I finally just watched the first episode of season 2 of Master of None. I’m in love with the Italian girl now, so that’s great.

Did a workout and did something awful for my hand, so basically I’m extremely well prepared for my interview in the morning.

JFC. Jentucky Fried Chicken.


Go to bed!

I just did yoga at the office I work at for the first time. They run a free session.

I’m ridiculously inflexible to the extent where I’m not doing it because I want to do it, but know I need to do it so as not to get grief when I’m older.

Absolutely humiliating, but hopefully that’ll get less so with each session (probably not).


I’ve had an earworm for the last couple of hours that was keeping me awake and I could not for the life of me figure out what it was. I thought it wasn’t too obtuse, quite riffy, I must be able to figure it out…

I ended up looking through my whole artist list on Google Play Music and it didn’t twig until I got to S. It was the outro to the last song on an EP by the (completely unknown) band of a guy who played guitar in a cover band I played two gigs with at university.

“Not too obtuse”. What the fuck, brain.


Morning everyone.

Has anyone ever tried hot yoga? It’s yoga performed in temperatures in excess of 36 degrees Celsius, which is supposed to increase your range of movements. I really want to try it, fed up with feeling so leaden. Encumbered.

I’m sure @meowington posted about that, maybe someone else. My mate Karl does it too


Rough night

She is SO BEAUTIFUL isn’t she? Like a classic Hollywood film star beautiful

This is the earliest I’ve been up for some time without needing to catch some sort of transport, there are men here building our ikea furniture and I’m sitting about pretending to be busy but have no wifi :sweat_smile:

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The Italian women in master of none mentioned in OP. Took me a while to work out too. It’s too early.

Gonna make coffee.

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Sorry that was in reply to OP, still early

Alessandra Mastronardi

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Whoops, thank you :blush:

2 edits to spell Master of None right, really need that coffee.


Bring me one too!

I went for a run this morning. It was terrible (no energy and I had to walk a few times) but glad I got out.

FRIDAY. Very excited for doing absolutely fuck all this weekend.

Good luck in your interview @Mistersteve!!

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Morning all! The ‘Master Of None’ talk in here has reminded me I haven’t seen the new series yet. I might rectify that this evening.

It’s a beautful morning here today, so I might get out for a walk before the weather turns later. Will get a bit of work done today as well. The lack of responses to my job applications is getting a bit worrying so I’m going to chase those up.

Oh yeah, weekend.

TONIGHT: burrito then pub with an ATD I haven’t seen in ages because I’m a rubbish human

TOMORROW: supposed to be driving to Norwich to play in a Game of Thrones tournament (Baratheon deck built around Melisandre, thanks for asking) but I’d need to leave pretty early so we’ll see how the pub goes, tbqfh.

SUNDAY: meeting another ATD who I haven’t seen in ages for afternoon drinks then dinner #blessed

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