VERY early Monday morning thread. fresh beginnings. A NEW START



been up since 03.15! fuck sake, man. I’m on the edge of having a sleep-deprived mental explosion.

had 3 x coffee already. fuck sake, man. also had a shave

gonna eat about 5 kiwis shortly and have some porridge

was hoping to cycle today, but the weather is looking like it’s gonna be dogshit, so I probably won’t

who is up? @thewarn @Smee @thoseotherearlyrisers

what you got on today?

fuck sake, man


Morning! Sorry to hear you can’t get no sleep. Hate that. Dark when I got up: deep into winter I now.


Hey man that sounds very pooey. Have you GOT to do anything today? Perhaps take the early start and pooey weather as an excuse to watch an entire series of something and eat pizza. Sorry just fantasising about something I may never do again

Up since 5:30 here. Currebtly eating grapes and listening to a Canadian old time band on LP


Shit night’s sleep here :sleeping:

I’ve booked to see two films at the Barbican tonight. Probably not the best idea given i always fall alseep at the cinema.


Rubbish night’s sleep too (but not as bad as that). Genuinely thinking of moving into the spare room full time, I can’t hack getting irrationally pissed off at sleeping human noises every night.

Have to be persuasive at work today, then have a nerdy card game tournament in the pub tonight. Neither are great to do when tired, tbqfh.



Gonna be a tough shift. Off to the gym after.


went back to bed for a jazz nap. got a solid 45 minutes. ready to face the day. ready to SLAY the day

@smee enjoy your grapes
@warn aye, dark as fuck
@plasticniki one of those guys, huh
@Epimer solid idea
@jordan_229 best of luck



What’s waking you up so early, @bird ?

All is fine here; just on the train. I think they’ve finally turned the heating off.


Sat outside the studio where im working today, waiting for people to show up. Playing with the cat, it’s called bagel.

…i need seven coffees


On the aforementioned train to Edinburgh. Pretty damn tired.


my mum is terribly, terribly unwell at the moment and this is weighing heavy on my mind. she ain’t gonna be around for too much longer unfortunately. this shit is spinning me out, if I’m gonna be honest.

trying to be a supportive son and what have you, but literally cannot get my head around the fact that my mum is dying. horrible, horrible shit

shit, this is heavy. someone talk about dolphins or something, ffs!


Day off, gonna watch TV and eat pizza.


Ah no, I’m really sorry to hear.


That’s so shit for you and your family. Be kind to yourself x

I was up early for traffic beating purposes, worked but means I sit for hour in common room rather than in a queue…


Working on updates. 5%
Don’t turn off your PC. This will take a while.


update: got stung by a wasp on my ride to work, fucking hell


Had to wait over 1 hour last week through this. Rage


Morning all. Ma-in-law had a terrible day on Saturday so no canal boating in the end. Managed to get most of the money back on the bookings we made but she had wanted to do something like this for so long that it all felt a bit of a hollow victory.


got £450 off my car insurance renewal yesterday and my car somehow passed it’s MOT with only minor work needed.

Also tired and need a shit, and got a stupid amount to do this week.


Earplugs? My boyfriend has to wear them every night but especially when I stay to drown out my snoring and talking.