VERY early Monday morning thread. fresh beginnings. A NEW START



Tried them, don’t like them. Get paranoid about not hearing the smoke alarm or my phone alarm. But it’s also general tossing and turning that bothers me. I’m not even that light a sleeper.


Ah, they take a bit of getting used to and you’ll always hear/feel your phone alarm.

Unfortunately I am the fidgety one that sleeps diagonally across the bed on my back snoring heavily so I’m out of ideas. I normally get a shove every few hours and told to move over or to stop laying on my back.


Yeah, it’s not rational, I know I’d hear alarms but the worry that I won’t stops me from sleeping well so it’s a bit pointless.

I don’t think there’s much more to be done, tbh. It is what it is.


Hey man I’m really sorry to hear that must be a very difficult time for you all. You’re in my thoughts xxx



I’ve been sick all weekend and now my nose is full crust.

Went to see Bridget Jones’ Baby on Saturday night and my boyfriend snored his head off for the whole film.

Got given a quaker oats liquid breakfast thing this morning. Looks gross, will not eat.


Fuck man, I’m so so sorry.

Wish I could say something more. Thinking of you.


I’m shattered. Stayed up way too late watching NFL then got up early and dragged myself to the gym.

Had the booziest weekend I’ve had in years. I really need to quit drinking for a while.


That’s awful @bird - virtual hugs to you and your family

I started a new regime this morning of getting up a 6 - as opposed to 6:45. More time for pre work bike rides and chores. My secret weapon is leaving the bedroom door open so the cats come in and bother me at waking up time.

@Epimer - I share you’re pain with the sleeping. I generally sleep alone - but I’m now completely spoilt and sleep terribly when I share,

Went to see Hunt for the Wilderpeople yesterday afternoon - lovely film, welled up several times

Also finished binge watching “Easy” on Netflix. I think I liked it on the whole. Some of the characters/ actors were annoying though (Legolass and the Brewery Brothers)


Not much to report today. Four day week though, off on holidays on Friday!


Shattered, depressed. Is it SAD time already?


Shit man, sorry to hear that. Wish I could say something better, virtual hugs from Glasgow


best wishes silks


What are you seeing? I saw the Girl With All The Gifts on Saturday, would recommend.


Currently recovering from my competition somehow managed to get a gold in one of my divisions so I’m fairly chuffed if slightly battered today.



Gave my dad a hand with a job before going into the office so quite shattered already and cant be arsed with the rest of day. Also my phone didn’t charge properly last night so my alarm didn’t go off. If it hadn’t been for my flatmate always slamming doors, I probably wouldn’t have woken so I’ll thank him for being a klutz later.


Little Men, followed by Hunt For The Wilderpeople



Sorry to hear this, silks :frowning:



Phrasing could have been better…