Very early Saturday thread

I think I’ve slipped a disc. Might have to get up because lying down is awful :cry:

Anybody up?

Ouch, what did you do? I’m sat by my hotel pool waiting for my air bnb to be ready. Got this view which is pretty cool. It’s really weird just how different Hong Kong and China are. Can’t wait to explore and do some shopping later.


Looks nice.

Not sure what I did. I’ve had neck ache extending down the right side of my back for a few days which has slowly been getting worse. Really hurts to lower myself into bed, and turning while lying down. Being up and about is much better but I need more sleep :cry:

:slightly_frowning_face: the fact it’s gettinng worst sounds bad - good thing you don’t have any more crazy bike rides to do! Take it easy today.

If you run into a really buff, bald Scottish barrister called Tony, that’s my pal from school. Please say hello from me.

Think I’ve woken up because my brain is used to being woken up by some twat next door being noisy at this point, but it is totally, blissfully silent here.

Will probably go to some combination of Wickes, B&Q and John Lewis today, which I’m sure will be my standard weekend for a while.

I really need a haircut but the barber down the road appears to be pirate-themed or something, which doesn’t really inspire confidence.


You’re going to be the noisy twat, aren’t you


By default, yeah. Dude next door appears to be some kind of ninja.

Set my alarm for 7 but forgot that 7 is 6 on my phone because it’s an hour wrong and I can’t figure out how to change it back

Morning,woken by my aging bladder.

Just been looking at Ryanair flights. Thinking about a Santander, Bilbao, San Sebastian trip next March.


Really sorry to hear that Niki, that can be agony hope you’re better soon. Scares me just how fragile our necks/backs are and anything with them means you can’t do fuck all :frowning:

Today I’m off to Leeds to watch the football/go to the pubs

Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever be able to see the word Leeds and football in sentence without going ‘Leeds! Leeds! Leeds!’ In my head.


Took my girlfriend to a game a month ago and she can’t stop saying it now :laughing:


Morning all. Weather looks miserable so we’re off to an out of town place to get some early Christmas shopping done.

This evening we’ve got a 40th birthday party for one of my work colleagues. Am sure it’ll be fine once we get there, but I’m not really looking forward to it. I get on well with the person who invited me but there’ll be loads of people there who I don’t know well enough to properly chat to but who I’ll feel obligated to talk to anyway. Plus it’s an hour’s drive away.

I have not, bath is really manky here so don’t tend to have them but I will crank up the shower temp when I have one inabit.

Why aren’t painkillers doing anything???

Been up since 6. Had a shocker of a night’s sleep due to heartburn: think it might’ve been the third glass of red.
Also tweaked a calf at badminton last night so that’s irked me. Wondering how it will respond to a 3 hrs drive to Middlesbrough…

I have horrible back problems at the mo which have really ruined any recent attempts to go cycling

Eventually bit the bullet and went to the physio 2 weeks ago, it’s helping. First session was an immediate relief but the 2nd time she basically beat me up, so now I have a different kind of pain but even that’s fine tbh :grin:

Also they are turning off the water supply to my street for ‘between 6 & 36 hours’ at about 9am.


So I’m in a rush to have a shower then going out for the day not knowing if I’ll be even able to get a glass of water when I come back

Who does this at the weeekend ffs?


Bloody helllll. Thanks for this. Gonna make a coffee and feel v sorry for myself.

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GWS @plasticniki, neck/back pain is nasty :frowning:

Got a nice quiet weekend after being really busy the last one. Hopefully get out for a cycle this morning, then as little as possible :+1:

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