Very early Tuesday morning

Hello. We had to wake the toddler up at 3am for some ibuprofen, and I’ve not been able to get back to sleep since as I have a cold and can’t breathe. Well, not strictly true. I’ve put too much evil nasal decongestant up my nose and it’s made things worse, and I’m trying really hard not to use it again. Grim.


It’s Tuesday. What’s going on?

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Morning. Waiting for the 5:45 train down to London. Hope you feel better soon PN!

Morning, nice and quiet at this time of day isn’t it?

I like it, but I had the chattiest taxi driver ever!

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Up at 5.45am for early morning feed. Hoping she’ll go back asleep shortly so i can get another half hour or so before shower and coffee.

Its very dark out still.

Hope you feel better soon @plasticniki :crossed_fingers:

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Morning all, missed the early chat but I was up at ten past six, and now I’m on the bus to work. Not warm out, is it?

Morning all :coffee: I’ve been up since 5ish but had an early night so am not feeling tooooo knackered. Think I’m still buzzing from a brilliant weekend away at my sister’s wedding :star_struck: :yellow_heart: We’re going to watch Aftersun at baby cinema this morning, so looking forward to that.


Morning all!

Our heating came on itself this morning and I’m worried it’s broken because it isn’t that cold.

I’m going to a different campus this morning for meetings and I’m caught between eating one of the rubbish breakfast options in my house and getting something nice on the way in.


Going out to play in the mud on my bike, although I’ve currently got the dog curled up on my lap.

Probably spend most of the afternoon watching - reluctantly and disapprovingly - a bit of Worldcup.

Morning troops,

Heating is blasting as it hit 0C last night. Woke at 4am and couldn’t sleep but stayed off my phone hence me not being here earlier.

Gonna do a sewing lesson tonight

I’m gonna be so bad at it :sob: my hands are wearing jeans


Off for some in person training, will be molto dull

Will at least get lunch in a new part of town, to really shake things up



The sun’s out for a change, which is nice. It’s been so rubbishy recently that I’ve barely left the house, so I’ll have to make sure I get out at lunchtime.

I fell asleep after this and then woke up in a panic at 7:30am for some reason.

Still got a blocked nose.

Today is a Bad Anniversary in my life, but fortunately for me it’s coincided with the day we hang the Christmas lights off the roof of the shop.

So it’ll be a good day to be forgetting a lot of sadness and instead swearing heartily while I clamber on slippery slate above Kensington’s treeline.

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Morning everyone,

Slept not wonderfully last night, mixture of it being cold and the bf nicking a lot of the duvet :laughing:

I finally bought a new vacuum last night, been taking note of the most hairy corners of the flat in preparation for its arrival.

Things I’m most excited about:

  • vacuuming under the coffee table and sofa.
  • vacuuming the skirting boards.
  • vacuuming the sofa crevices.
  • seeing if the new vacuum will fit in the weird tiny cupboard we have to conceal the electric meter thing.

Other exciting things I will be partaking in today.

  • taking the bins out. I heard them being emptied last night. Love an empty bin.
  • working out how to dispose of old hoover.
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Lovely view from the Lickeys this morning


This is so cool! I want to join

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Hey hey.

Does anyone have a good tasty dependable recipe for slow cooker brisket?