Very early Wednesday thread

Pretty fed up of waking up this early tbh.

Plans? I might ride my bike to get coffee and pastry before work. Midwife appointment before lunch. That’s it.

Tell me things.

Going into work physically for the first time in a bout eight months. cycling in, obviously. Good morning for it. Got my lil bag packed with some munchies and my laptop and that. Feels like the first day back at school. Might have a bagel before I go.



I seem to wake up at about 4:55 every morning now with my mind racing about work worries and everything else

Collect car
Pack bags
Collect people
Drive oop north to Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Possibly need more coffee

Tiniest one has been up since 5am, it’s my wife’s birthday today so of course I’ve been watching the child (aka drinking coffee while she watches Milkshake)

At Center Parcs so my eldest will be doing a mini tree trek this morning, then swimming this afternoon. Burgers and cake for lunch and our first meal indoors in 18 months this evening. Wife and I might even manage our first pub drink alone in over a year tonight if our youngest co-operates.


Morning Pniks & etc

Still waiting for a delivery that was supposed to come yesterday

Today I have a one-on-one (digital) meeting with one of my favourite people in our entire global org

Will probably take the new bike on its first little jaunt and make sure everything is set up as it should be, get a new lock, helmet etc.

Got a ton of washing to do as well and a big music gear auction that I put loads of bids on is this morning too

And I need to buy a new one of these

Have to organise a bunch of stuff for the little ’un’s birthday party next week and also wind down 3 or 4 things at work ahead of everyone going on holiday at the end of next week and prepare a bit for tomorrow’s all-staff day (we’re doing a ’lockdown festival’)

So, a fair bit to do today

Odds on me being out when the delivery finally arrives? Very high


Where bounce in Scotland u goin

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Trying to work out what’s in that picture but failing

It’s an E203950. Surprised you don’t know what that is.



It’s a blown tube in this guitar amp


Same. I’ve had this issue for months. I keep trying various different things to help me sleep.

The stress of adding the supporters function yesterday on 2 hours sleep really didn’t help.

I’m sorry to everyone who’s upset about this.

Morning all!

It’s raining here.

I should be able to get on with some marking, hopefully.

Morning! Another fun and sun filled day ahead.

Have an excellent time all! X


Off up to the Cairngorms, so proper Scotland :mountain: :grinning:


Just seen theres a Loch Lochy, funny.

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I drove by Loch Lochy on my trip up to Scotland last week. Made me smile.

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Hey pop kids!

I’ve got jab two in about half an hour. I should finish my coffee and hop on my bike soon. I had a dream where I was visiting Japan, and I’m wondering if by brain was thinking about me visiting Jab-an this morning?

Anyway, lovely day to pop down to the Brighton Centre on the sea front

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Morning - did a fairly substantial bike ride last night, with pints in the pub too. Then wasn’t ready to sleep so watched Fargo till about 1:30 so fairly jaded today. Hopefully work will be very gentle on me

Pub date this evening