Very important thread


  • this way
  • the other way

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A new low

You know the answer.


You would think so, wouldn’t you?

My old nightmare boss used to use them the other way.


No sideways option?

You’ve fucked this right up, m8888888898087907438920q7r89


I’d be very wary of anyone who might do it the other way


glad you made him disappear.


Her, you enormous sexist.


which hemisphere are you posting from?


Take ‘the other way’ to the everyday psychopaths thread eps.





I assumed if they were stupid enough not to be able to work a post-it…they must be male



Also, is the office in normal floor upwards orientation, or the less common ceiling downwards arrangement?



‘This Way’ unless I’m marking a page in a book, in which case it might be rotated 90 degrees.


Thinly veiled “reads books” post.


My Kobo is covered in post-its!



other way if you are using them to catch falling dust when drilling a hole


Other way if used inside a book.

Otherwise this way, unless insane.


Did you get your PA to write those? Cos you can tell them from me that their hadnwriting is horrible…


Not getting this ‘other way’ snobbishness. Good for books, the top of a PC screen and phone messages written in haste.