Very quick poll

Imagine you’re in Tezzas. You have £50 worth of groceries in your basket and approach the till. At the till, the member of staff reveals there is a promotion on: Either, you can take away all £50 of your shopping for free, or, you can pay for it, and the shop will then give you a £50 note to do whatever you want with. Which would you prefer?

  • Have my £50 of shopping paid for
  • Pay for the £50 of shopping and receive £50 in cash

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Can I just say that there’s no way you’d be able to carry £50 of groceries in one basket.


Bottle of scotch

not filled up on pine nuts and hair gel lately have we


i don’t mean to be rude but these seem like kind of the same thing


If I came into £50 unexpectedly there is no chance I’d spend it on groceries that I’d already budgeted to spend £50 on during my shop.


My brain doesn’t equate expensive bottles of booze with general grocery shopping but yes okay fine.

I think you’re underestimating how much you’d just want the transaction over and done with

Exactly. You’re up £50 no matter what.

I mean, in terms of money lost or gained, yes, you’re no better of than when you started. But I think there’s a psychological difference between how the two play out.


can we all just imagine how fucking stupid you’d feel paying for something and then being given money
you’d just short circuit it and get it on the house


if you’re going to have to buy the groceries anyway it would feel better to then get another £50 to blow on booze on top

On one of them you get to have a £50 note, which is properly gangster.


I would 100% be using that cash £50 for a TREAT.

I was buying the shopping anyway!


one of them you have to be the mug trying to spend a 50 and getting asked if you have anything smaller


I am so fucking with you on this ruffers

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Use it however you want I guess, you sick fuck


My bf had a £50 note once.

He couldn’t spend it for a few weeks because every time he went to, I said “ooh let’s hope it works this time” which raised suspicions.

He had to go to the bank in the end.


Yeah, but when you’re a gangster, people just give you more money, I think.

What joy is there in getting free shopping that you were planning to pay for anyway

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