Very quick poll




none, but you wouldn’t go oh no cashier I must tap my card and then you give me money please


I think I would

also you can’t tap over £30


If you take the note you end up better off


alright, moneybags


I was just about to type this exact post. ^5


she’s done you there mate


What if, due to promotion admin, each version took exactly the same amount of time and awkwardness to complete.


Done myself over cause I agreed to tapping


so anyway, what are you going to spend your £50 on, hyg?




I bet it’s on his hobby: beer.


The colon really makes this post.



But you’re £50 up so you can take the free shopping and then buy yourself a treat if you must.



I miss Colon


see above


Alright, just a heads up really but this promotion IS NOT running in the Bournemouth Lansdowne branch. Repeat NOT running


I don’t think I’ve ever spent £50 on groceries, nor am I prepared to make the leap to imagining I ever will. what are my options?


man, didn’t you go to uni? easily spend £75 on the first shop when the student loan money came in and then be screwed by the end of term. critters quadrilogy on DVD?! yes!!


I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than £20 tbfht