Very simple tomato pasta sauce

Two cans of plum tomatoes
An onion peeled and cut in half
5 tablespoons of butter

You just bung all that in a saucepan and simmer for about 45 minutes then take the onion out and it’s amazing apparently.


Nice one

What do you do with the tomatoey onion?

I dont have sauce on pasta

Gonna make this now, will report back

Can’t imagine anything with 75g of butter being anything other than yummy


Pretty much a standard pasta sauce but with butter instead of olive oil. Large cooking time as well which will lead t a more flavourful sauce.

My (italian mothers) pasta sauce recipe.

Clove of garlic (crushed but kept whole)
Chili (1/2 to 2 chilies depending to taste)

Fry in olive oil on medium heat until starts sizzling. Do not burn the garlic.

Add one can of tomatos (whole tomatoes highest quality you can afford)

Simmer on low to medium heat… add half a tea spoon if sugar.

Cook the pasta while sauce simmers… adding a good table spoon of salt to plenty of water.

Check the sauce… if it reduces too much add some pastawater… when the pasta is almost cooked add fresh basil or parsley (optional) to the sauce then add the pasta to the sauce mixing well.

Finish with one of the following: paramasan, grana padano, pechorino or greated breadcrums.


The simplest thing ever yet somehow the vast majority of brits get this wrong.


Use as a topping for baked focaccia, or a tart/quiche

Eh, maybe back in the day. Even my local supermarket sells about 30 different types of dried pasta and San Marzano tomatoes now. The vast majority of people here have moved on from Homepride Stir-in Sauces.

Marcella Hazan is great but I’ll never understand her hatred of garlic.

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Im talking about cooking technique. Stuff like boiling pasta in small amounts of water, not salting the pasta, putting too much stuff in the sauce. Not doing a sottofritto. Bizzarly pouring the sauce on top…

This is mostly based on when I was a student 2010 to 2014. Im sure plenty get it right but its always very painful to watch!

I know its really anal about it. Ive already had to come to terms with a butter sauce and spaghetti.

When im cooking any other food im full fusion but with italian im hyper specific!

Well, yeah. My cooking as a student was absolutely dire.

But Italian seems to be the first thing people make when they get into cooking, because it’s pretty easy. If people have cookbooks, you can be pretty sure they’ll have started with an Italian one (I did anyway).

It is funny how much more wound-up Italian people get about it though.

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In my experience the only country that comes close is the Lebanese. Which is understandable. Hipsters have murdered their cuisine

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Perfect recipe there (same as Huge Fearnleys, my go to)

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I do bung a knob of butter in at the end tho

the best genre of youtube content is “old italian chefs watching videos of people making italian food badly” imo



Here it is in the Manchester Evening News

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Update: it’s nice pasta sauce. Very… savoury.