Very simple tomato pasta sauce

wait which things are you saying are wrong here - I assume the mistake is to not salt the water, but then is too much or too little water the issue?

always forget why this is an issue. Or is it just more about tradition

Loads of water and loads of salt is the ‘proper’ way

Less water uses less energy though


It’s conchiglie, which I have only just realised is a shell-shaped pasta and a conch is a shell, that’s why it’s called that. Nothing to do with lice I’m afraid. They look more like armadilloes to me if anything

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Ah was thinking less water might be “correct” to concentrate the starch for better water to use in the sauce maybe

But more makes sense, to give it all room to cook without sticking

Make it with this and you’re laughing


Large amount of water with more salt then you think. Small amount of water will lead to water dropping off boiling point and even less will lead to mushy, starchy, pasta that sticks together.

Mixing the sauce just makes sense. Why wouldnt you want a nice even coat of sauce on your pasta? It also allows any excess water to blend in with the sauce.


I have always seen them as snail shapes. Top pasta shape for a ragu or other chunky sauces that get stuck in the shell

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Oh okay I thought maybe it was meant to be like … pasta and sauce side by side oops. Yeah definitely gotta finish the pasta off in the sauce for distribution!

Glad to hear I cook in Italian approved style

Yes eating my spaghetti like a pornstar martini

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One mouthful of pasta then one mouthful of sauce, as god intended


would be better if you chopped the onion and also used garlic


I saw a video about tiramisu the other day were some Italian chefs said you shouldn’t put booze in the coffee mixture so I’ve decided I don’t give a shit what Italians think about food.


It’s nice to cook food the way you like it and not worry about what internet people might think.


Even easier:

crush two garlic cloves and saute them in oil at a low heat until they just start to brown then pour in a jar of Mutti Passata.

Cook for about 10 minutes stirring.


That said it’s probably cheaper to just buy a jar of pre-made sauce from the supermarket than all this,

easy for you to say, Pringles boy

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I don’t cook the pringles you balloon.


the battle for King of the Pasta Sauce has been an entertaining read, cheers

Love the thought of you going out and spending loads of money on potato starch and sawdust or whatever and then evangelising about making your own Pringles because “they’re just so much better than the rubbish ones you get in a pipe.”


Would be very DiS tbf.

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