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What was your initial thought

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

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Bang a comma in the middle then it’s a

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Eats shoots and fucks


Is ‘fuck boys’ boys who fuck? Thought it was a generic insult like douchebag or something

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C but it should be fuckboys

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Now you’ve said that I’m leaning towards ‘b’

A fuckboy is a guy who uses people for sex, will say whatever to get someone to sleep with him without meaning it, etc.

Feel like they missed an option of “have sex with boys and also accrue wealth, but not by being paid for sex”

I don’t think it’s that though, i reckon it’s A.

NB i have no idea what this is referencing.


Ah I never realised it was based around sex. Just thought it was an American dickhead. Clue was in the name, really.

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This reads like a variation on this I think? Urban Dictionary: Fuck Bitches Get Money

So I think it’s A


voted C as it was my first instinct on reading it, though on reflection i feel that if this is some kind of common phrase it’s more likely to mean either A, or

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No E in the poll.

This is explanatory

Dunno why Flea is wearing the Razorlight guy’s hat tho