Some people, in their everyday lives, under their t-shirt is “vest”

Weird eh?

Are you one of these people? Can you explain yourself?

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A woman here is wearing one at the moment due to sweating a lot from ‘the change’.

She volunteered this information to me, 100% unsolicited.

I have a vested interest in this thread

I don’t really


When you’re a kid sometimes people say to you stuff like: “Have you got your vest on?” and “Why aren’t your slippers on your feet?”

Is there any truth to this still in 2020? Can parents of the community shed any light on this?

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I love swanning around in a vest
Isn’t it missing the point to wear one under a t shirt though?

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I thought you had to wear “vest” as an undergarment usually?

Not in my book

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i started wearing a thermal shirt and long johns while i was in a very cold climate recently and being that it is quite cold here also i plan to keep doing so for the near future. also they are both black and make me feel a bit like a cat burglar which i enjoy.


I consider your book to be “The Fifth Gospel of the New Testament”

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Dubz sometimes wears long johns

I can confirm slippers but no child of mine is wearing a mother fucking vest!

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Long Johns are also great to wear

used to wear a long sleeved vest a fair bit when it was really cold and the heating was broken many years ago

so get off my case!


My son IS wearing a vest. No slippers. Much like Bruce Willis.


I am usually wearing multiple layers, sometimes including some kind of vest, due to being cold all the time

I remember wearing a vest in infant school. Then all the other kids started teasing people who wore vests for some reason so I stopped, suddenly ashamed of my vest wearing ways. Would I still be a vest wearer if it wasn’t for the tyranny of peer pressure? Who knows.


Ant, I really, really like wearing a vest.

On its own? Yes!
Under a shirt? Yes!
Under a jumper? Less so, but okay, I guess

My son is much more of Hans Gruber. Hoping the other will turn out like the blonde guy with the ponytail.