It’s the new craze that’s sweeping the nation. ANTI-CONTENT!

Here’s a 31 minute video of me doing absolutely nothing.


That bit towards the end was well worth the wait

Even though it was brief

Good work.


it’s really not meant to have any highlights, I’ll have to edit that part out!




try to contain your excitement please, this is serious art


I’m going to put this on in the background while I build a spreadsheet


that’s kind of beautiful


Wait I should record that with you in shot


the movement has begun!


did you get in the zone and forget about the camera recording you at any point?


yeah it’s easy to ignore after a while


(easy for an artist like me)


Should you not have it on in the background while building a spreadsheet AND filming yourself as anti-content?





probably doesn’t count if you watch it through DiS tbf


if you go into your analytics you should be able to see how long the average viewer lasted and if anyone sat through… err I mean enjoyed the whole thing.


think tomorrow I might record behind the back of me watching this video


They’re all missing out


actually would be perfect if it stays at no views for the rest of time


Here’s my entry.