Video cameras



I’m thinking of buying The Boy a video cam for Christmas: have no clue about them.
Want something reasonably priced that he can use and then upload footage to his laptop and then maybe edit.

Any help gratefully received.


I’m pretty sure people just use their cameras to ring each other now


how old is he?



can’t really recommend any model in particular but probably handheld camcorder of some sort? sony is the obvious go-to for easy to use, consumer stuff.


Looks good. Roughly in budget too. Cheers


cool, now here’s an annoying post


Don’t know your budget but GoPros seem to be popular.


good idea if your son is really into fisheye


They really didn’t help themselves when they launched the Session and priced it as a premium product but with a fraction of the feature-set. Big mis-step there.


Guess it depends on if they sold it on at the peak?


So is the GoPro footage quality as good as a basic hand-held cam?