Video Game Inventory Systems

Which ones are good?

Do you like Bethesda ones (no u don’t) which are weighed?
Do you like Diablo II / Resi 4 ones which are like mini games of Tetris?
Do you like super simple old skool RPG ones like Pokemon etc?
Do you like ones with nice big icons where you can’t pause the game, like Drk Suls? (git gud)

Which games have the best LOOT?

Which games have good inventories?


(actually no. i’m MIGHT be trying to make some kind of RPG thing. so i need feedback)

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FUCK those weight-based ones - they detract from actually experiencing the game and seem really punitive. Favourite inventory is in Dead Space - beautiful design, and it’s diegetic so really keeps the immersion intact.

ooo yes that’s a nice one; forgot about that.

I really hate inventory management.


SO an inventory full of stuff then with no limits. i mean that’s a thing. not necessarily a bad thing.

That’s my preference, but with good automatic sorting/stacking and hopefully even some filtering or searching options.

Unless it’s core to the gameplay (survival mode or whatever) then I don’t want to think about my inventory.


I like the Monkey Island one. Nice and colourful.

Not an RPG though, so I’ll just say that the INV in Witcher 2 feels a little overcomplicated.


that’s the thing tho - doesn’t need to be RPG. i’m not even entirely sure the game i’ve got planned is an RPG. i do know it needs LOOT tho cos 99% of my gamer friends are loot goblins.

I feel like I can tell you more what I don’t like than what I do like. Inventory management in games is one of those things which, like health, seems to almost inevitably be immersion-breaking.

Bethesda’s weight system is one of the worst, partly because it’s a pain to manage, but also where am I phsycially carrying all this ‘heavy’ stuff?? My avatar doesn’t even have a rucksack. Sure, these guns are weighing me down, but my bigger issue even if they were made of ultra light-weight modern materials would be that carting around 30 weapons would mean I couldn’t fit through doors. So I guess my beef there is that the system goes really hard on one aspect of ‘immersion’ but completely disregards something else central to that immersion. Weight without (any) physical presence.

The Last Of Us is one of the better jobs I’ve seen which plays into @Epimer’s comment on it being core to survival gameplay. The resource management works pretty well for the most part with meaningful tradeoffs. Only beef there was that you were often short of ‘rags’ despite killing so many clothed enemies. Sure, I don’t necessarily want to use their grubby clothes to treat my wounds, but I’m sure they’d do for a molotov cocktail. Also, nice use of a physically present rucksack - only issue there is where you’re storing your weapons which aren’t immediately equipped. My bow sits on my back when equipped and is much bigger than the rucksack, but then magically folds back into the rucksack when it’s not a primary weapon. Anyway, minor complaints - it’s a good system.

I quite like the Souls system tbh where you have your ‘active’ items in a kind of sub-inventory for quick access. And the way story info and lore is communicated through item descriptions means you have an incentive to engage in the inventory menus. I mean, they do have weight, but that’s about what you have immediately equipped rather than a weird absolute limit on what you can carry in Fallout.

Dunno if any of that is useful.

Last of Us is really the only limited one I’ve thought has added to the game. I’m not a massive gamer though

I’m a total goblin so I like all the loot which is where systems like Darkest Dungeon infuriate me but also Bethesda games also infuriate me (cos the UI is so bad i guess, mostly). Is there a happy medium?

I just like loot.

not just looking for HADRCORE GAMER OPINIONS so that’s cool. :slight_smile:

Well that’s the one I remember most. Just typing that and getting a list of spurious items.

I like the sound of one that uses weight, though. Very DnD encumbrance rules.

Well then I’d say unless there is a story reason for limiting the inventory then I don’t see the point.
Think games should have an option to choose actually

Weirdly I don’t mind having to manage space, probably because my brain is more visual. I like Resi, where you get an inventory upgrade and lick your lips thinking of all extra weapons/healing items etc you can carry. Only time it’s a problem is when games spew useless junk at you so you have to end up tidying the space all the time, though that can carry it’s own inane pleasure too I suppose.

I hate weight based ones and Resident Evil style size restricted ones.
I understand and respect the reasons behind limiting what you can carry at once, but I never find it to be anything other than a bore.
This is also the worst aspect in BOTW.

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