Video Game Music Favourites

Not to steal @anon73286315’s thunder (he has a 2018 thread here The Rolling 2018 Video Game Soundtrack thread) but I wanted to talk about old game soundtracks.

I did two podcasts a few years back on video game music and I’m going to do a few more. What’re you favourite game soundtracks?

Currently I am rinsing the Streets of Rage and Streets of Rage II soundtracks. Love them so much.

The first one is out on 180gm vinyl. Oh shiiiiiiit.

Just checking in to make my usual ‘Silent Hill 2 is the best’ post.


Was blown away recently by Samorost 3’s soundtrack - electronica of the highest order

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Trent Reznor’s Quake soundtrack was pretty great.

First one I ever loved was this - used to play it for hours just to listen to the banging hi nrg techno.

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I’ve never played Earthbound but I’ve been enjoying stuff off the soundtrack recently (can’t really post links rn). Some really nice SNES-era-sounding stuff, as well as some forays into sampling that occasionally verge on the compellingly bizarre.

A lot of people say ‘Moonside Swing’ sounds like very early vapourwave (it’s certainly made in the same way as much vapourwave) but I think it has a kind of MBV quality too (their weird interludes more than anything)

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Doom 3

Silent Hill 2 is my favourite to listen to as a whole album, and the Shenmue OST vinyl I’ve got ain’t half bad either. But I think my favourite in game score is either MGS3 or Nier Automata.

Big fan of the Monkey Island soundtrack.


Fuck playing Doom 3 on headphones again man. Fuck it.


Adore the Shenhua Theme big time. Had it on my podcast episode.

It’s always FFX for me, Clive

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Nightmare Creatures on the PS1. Very atmospheric.

Great call on Streets of Rage. I especially remember loving the music in the boat level in II that was also in one of the levels on I.

It’s probably cliche at this point, but Megaman always had the best music. II, III, and IV especially, though V had an especially amazing boss level one.

IV’s boss levels were particularly great as well: Dr. Cossack and Dr. Wily. So were III’s.

And of course, the II boss level:


Dr. Mario too. I had forgotten how “Chill” just keeps stacking segment after segment, it’s practically Mars Volta.

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Obvious one but GTA Vice City was great. Nothing like running innocent pedestrians over to the sound of REO Speedwagon.


this also :sob:


Oh, so many! To start, the pounding techno of “The Chaos Engine” on the Amiga…


yeah probably the best soundtrack of all time