🎮 Pokemon Go



Got Mew at the weekend. Underwhelmed.


Finally got an EX Raid pass :smiley:


Only gifts I ever get from @Antpocalypsenow and his tv -

Giant donut
Who’s ugly now

Trying to make a point mates?


Haven’t had any of these :woman_shrugging:


Picked up a couple of Taurus’s. There’s another one showing up that I haven’t caught yet but can’t work it out on the pokedex


Lola, great bants though innit.


If I catch Mewtwo at my EX Raid Tauros will be the only one from Gen 1 that I need. WANT


Got 5 Eevee shinies today, evolved three but got two jolteons and one vaporeon. Will walk the other two and evolve them into espeon and umbreon. Fingers crossed I get a few more tomorrow to get the rest of the bastards.

Made 100,000 stardust in a day, mental


Forgot it was eevee weekend til today. Got three shinies, evolved two and they were both jolteons. Never mind.



Spotted a large group in Southampton yesterday all standing around staring at their phones and wondered… aha! Pokemon Go’ers. So I whipped the app out, hiding round a corner obviously, and LO AND BEHOLD there were loads of Ghastly in the area. 2 away now from completing that buggering research task with Ditto and Gyrados involved in it. Didn’t talk to any of them and went for a celebratory Greggs steak bake.

Caught a Raiku (?). Big dog thing.


Eevee weekend? Never noticed it. Mind you, I don’t really play at weekends…bah.


Excellent covert Pokémon Going there. I’m still suspicious of people who talk to others while playing :smiley:


Just caught that tenth Ghastly fucker omg


Omg you stupid scientist wanker. EVOLVE A MAGIKARP? Ive literally just done that in the last fucking research bollocks


What do Pokemon Goers think of Jurassic World Alive players? Will I get lynched if they know that I’m catching Stegosaurus instead of Pidgey?


we think they’re subhuman scum and will defend our turf to THE DEATH

(sounds quite good that, is it literally just the same but with dinosaurs?)



Was quite enjoying the walking dead obe recently but ive a massive boner for TWD (monthlies only dont at me) anyway


Similar, yep. Perhaps not quite as advanced as Pogo due to only being around for a couple of months, but you wander round, find dinosaurs, get DNA from them to create them, and then train them up to battle against friends/random internet people.



My first of those yellow 7km eggs has hatched. THANKS WHOMEVER OF YOU IS FROM ABERDEEN. It was a Meowth, but a blue one! WOO.

Got a few gifts to send out from a wee walk round town just now


blow me, I’ve only just discovered you can move where you fling the ball from, from side to side. this is a game changer. wow. I feel like a massive melon. I’d never even thought to swipe left or right a bit. just bought me a one way ticket to curveball city/