🎮 Pokemon Go




Stops tapping his phone like mad looking for a way into the chat




‘psycho cut’ :grimacing:


Woohoo! :raised_hands:

(I’ve not played since whenever my l;ast post was, got all overwhelmed and just went… nah)


Mewtwo coming to raids on the 20th.

Tauros, Farfetched, Kangaskhan all in 7km eggs soon


Has anyone got an Alolan Vulpix yet?


Yep! Not enough candy for Alolan Ninetails though (or, more upsettingly, Alolan Muk)


How many eggs did you hatch before you got it? I’m hearing it’s about 40?


Nowhere near that many! 20 at most to get all the hatchable Alolan Pokemon I think


i’ve had a couple and I’ve hatched nowhere near that many alolan eggs. mostly get meowths, not had a single one of the only one i actually wanted… until this morning


Getting Celebi was so much easier than mew


Hatched seven 7km eggs… and I got a regional!!! (was Mr Mime obviously)


I have hatched six and got five colourful Grimers… (and one Farfetch’d!)





How many eggs do you think you hatched before finding it?

A colleague spent a week in Lanzarote and managed to get me this magnificent fella:


I got all 4 regionals after about 15 eggs, I think. So I got lucky. I believe it’s a 4% chance of hatching each


So many pokego rewards today but I just cba :sob:


Get out there, only took me an hour to get three shinies.


The fuck is this!?


Looks like Kang or Kodos.