🎮 Pokemon Go

adding now, I’m GaryCheeseman



the cheesemeister
sir cheesealot
the gary oldman of cheese

Thanks everyone!

Added, I’m djfushfbe.

Does anyone have any idea on how to get my hands on some Sinnoh stones?

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complete the research breakthrough thing by doing a research task each day
sometimes you’ll get one by battling either pvp or against the cpu

think that’s it at the minute, and it’s still not guaranteed either way

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Requested! I’m JoeTwoShoes.

Thanks for the adds everyone I smashed the research task. :grinning:

Please can you add Mr Brightlight too…I’m not attempting to spell out his pokemon name as it has loads of numbers in. Thanks!

8865 9524 2609

Will do next time I’m on

Btw, are you’re a Doves and Pokemon fan I implore you to post here more.

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Hey. I’m back unto this. Pretty excited a sit feels totally different! Pretty awesome now I live in an urban area.

Add me?

9196 8713 8850

My name on there’s djfushfbe, just added you

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