Video game speed running

I love this shit

I think I’m right to remember videos about speed running a mario game where a single frame can make all the difference, proper silly

found it

absolutely ludicrous, love it


This guy’s videos are brilliant


I enjoyed how the Blue Shift (?) add on did its intro with you as the guard you see at one point in that monorail ride.

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The Final Fantasy stuff (and JRPGs in general I have seen speedrun) seem to rely a lot on counting the steps, as this affects the RNG in the game, and you can do things like overload the memory or other stuff I don’t quite get to make the end of the game load in for example. It is absolutely wild how this has been figured out over time.



The first long one actually isn’t that glitchy, which kinda makes it fun to watch in its own right. But the second, shorter one is glitchy as hell and they completely break the game

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There’s a mad F Zero GX one from a few years ago. They do some tricks to break the top speed and physics in the game.

Not sure if this will time stamp correctly but the good stuff starts at 8.30 or so.


Enjoying getting lost in these people’s daft existences. But then I idly clicked through onto and lurking in the corner, oh no… oh god no…


Wait, it’s never ending, right?

There are different speed run categories for different in game achievements.

I thought so but I’ve seen what some of these people are willing to go through, so who knows

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Might try a speed run of football manager


Baking a million cookies without clicking once.

Is this the game equivalent of eating a whole pack of jam doughnuts without licking your lips.

That seems to be how my daughter eats doughnuts naturally, very disturbing.

BRB, just reporting you to child services for routinely feeding your daughter a box of jam doughnuts :wink:


Watched this at the time!! Absolutely mad. Think it’s the second race in the canyon, but that track in particular blew my mind

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thank you so much for this thread, this stuff is absolutely fascinating

that trackmania video should win an oscar imo


“And it was all thanks to a guy named xx_420_blazit_xx.”

Didn’t know Elon was such a keen Mario speedrunner.

So much to enjoy in this