Video game speed running

never actually seen this game before

… so it’s not just a clever name

Wipe your mind of it. Seriously.

The record run for no-clicks up to a million cookies starts with six minutes of the guy doing literally nothing at all, which even by Cookie Clicker’s standards is pretty meta.

Does a golden cookie always appear around the six minute mark?


You’ll never hit a record at this rate

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I reckon I can manage seven minuted of doing nothing.

This was fun and stupid

Some madlad just broke a massive Super Mario Bros world record by recording the first sub 4:55 time. This happened less than an hour ago.

Twitch (timestamped to start of the run I think but if not it’s at 1:36:30 in the vod).

Watch the chat go bananas after he completes 4-2 and then kick up another notch after 8-1 and 8-2.


Around 30 frame perfect inputs apparently. Absolutely bonkers how skilled this player is.


Just to say, I’ve reignited my love for doom speedruns and people trying to complete it without killing anything on doom 2