Video games that should actually be made in films (or other media)

Thought about this after the Rampage film poster in the upcoming crap films thread.

Block start falling from the sky with no explanation. Certain countries are evaporated when the blocks pile up on each other too quickly due to poor tesselation. U.S. government realises the only way to survive is to align the block perfectly, so the game can go on ad infinitum. Starring Ed Harris as an army commander

I’m not being silly…imagine if it was a remake based completely on the game, so they could incorporate all the funny animations from the N64 and turn it into a Garth Marenghi style knowing comedy film.



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Super Mario Brothers.

The original is unintentionally hilarious. Dennis Hopper as Bowser was inspired casting.

jfc :joy: Well…if they need any plot ideas

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Mario Tennis


Starring Steven Merchant as Waluigi

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Jetset Willy. Comic horror starring … hmm, maybe Benedict Cumberbatch as the tired millionaire?

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I want a straight faced gritty as fuck Pacman movie. With a trailer full of those big ridiculous bass honks:

Morgan Freeman for some reason: “You’re done Pacs! You ain’t never gonna get those last few dots! Those ghostly sons of bitches got you beat!”

-Pacman eyes the pill sitting in his palm-

Gerard Butler painted yellow: “I’m tired of running from my ghosts…”


“…I think it’s about time…”


“…they started running from me.”




Peter Jackson’s King Kong

The Witcher is probably the most obvious one. I would love to see an oddworld film personally

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Found footage style horror set in endless identikit mazes, distant explosions going off in unseen directions and people popping out of nowhere then chucking bombs at the protagonist. Could be framed as a sort of Hunger Games-style competition.


That just sounds like the Xbox 360 bomberman game where it went edgy and shit

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the witcher would just end up as generic fantasy nonsense though.

Just spent 5 minutes trying to superimpose Waluigi features on merchant’s face but had to stop because I couldn’t stop laughing at the absurdity of the situation (doing it in full view of my colleagues, one of which certainly saw but said nothing)


lol, edgy bomberman

sometimes i’m glad I effectively gave games up in the 2000s

Well there is a tv series in the works so we will see either way lol