Video games that should actually be made in films (or other media)

Metal Gear Solid.

In regards to all those suggesting games with already decent plots…do they need film adaptations? Like now, games are being increasingly seen as a good way to explore detailed plotting (especially in terms of player-determined plots)…so films would just harm this potential, wouldn’t they?

Do books need movies?

Reckon the Coen brothers would do a good job on Fallout New Vegas

I guess your point is they don’t…and most of the times I’ve read a book first I’ve felt no need to see a film version…but I guess the fact is that films cater for a completely different (and larger) audience, so the market is there (of course I realise this means the market is there for video game adaptations…but my point is, as a fan of the game already, would you get much out of seeing it as a film?)

Eh not so much. But i would love to see an oddworld movie. I think I’m more in favour of movies in the same universe of a game without necessarily using the same plot

Actually sign me up for a Horizon Zero Dawn movie. And Bayonetta

Good point. I was more thinking of films rehashing game plots

Soundtracked by Tim Hecker!

Lol, TBH New Vegas probably has my favourite soundtrack of all time through its radio stations


all games should
watching people games is fun but playing them isnt especially, in my experience

I could see a Pikmin film

Jim Carrey is an astronaut on a solo mission (because he’s a big man who doesn’t need anyone’s help with anything). His ship crash lands on a remote planet inhabited by Pikmin’s who nurse him and his ship to health - and Jim learns a lesson about how important cooperation and sharing is


Urge to kill, rising…

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Black and white arthouse version of Lemmings.


D’you know what?
When I was a kid I used to love that cartoon and the Mario ones that had live action bits with Lou Albano as Mario and of course the Captain N cartoon.
Would I watch a movie in that style though - fuck no!
Same issue with Americans tackling anime/manga projects: they completely bastardize it beyond recognition.

Ingmar Bergman’s Lemmings :rofl:


I watched an episode of the zelda one recently for some reason, and link is a massive creep in it. basically the whole thing seems to revolve around him getting a snog off princess zelda at the end and getting pissed off when he’s rebuffed.

Oh great, now playing Zelda is ruined as well!

not sure if this is in bad tsate or not

Looking forward to this…

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