videogames from your childhood you will always love

  • lemmings
    It’s so good. And was where I discovered killing 100 things at once was satisfying

  • Toca 2
    Will always love brands hatch and the Ford mondeo for this

  • sim tower
    Loved this a lot and was great as it had no CD key reg so my mates and I passed the disc around


Tetris DX for Gameboy - all time fave game, used to play this constantly

Pokémon Blur/Yellow - champion of Gameboy games

Rollercoaster Tycoon - never had it myself but I remember when school was cancelled because of flooding I went over to my mum’s friend’s house and played Rollercoaster Tycoon with her all day

Sims 2+3 for console - it is a major part of my life currently (lockdown with family)

Super Smash Bros - the best game. I want to bring Wii over to my new flat and the GameCube games so I can play this

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2002 - used to love smashing up a nice par 3 in Scotland and getting a cheeky lil hole in one


I have fond memories of Casper cause it’s the only game my mum enjoyed. It was surprisingly difficult too

Never met anyone who knew this outside of my mates who played it at mine. No idea where it came from.

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  • Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
  • Day of the Tentacle

I very much enjoyed pointing and clicking. First times I got invested in stories in computer games.

  • Tetris… possibly still the best game ever.

  • Link’s Awakening. So much character and a little world on a tiny monochrome screen.

  • Bureaucracy… a text based PC game that I had no idea how to progress in without causing myself to die from high blood pressure (in the game - your blood pressure went up whenever you did anything wrong/typed in commands it didn’t recognise). Don’t know why I liked it so much. Mostly just remember there was an old lady and an elephant gun, and a Boysensberry computer.


Final Fantasy VII ofc, so many of my tastes basically branch out from FF7

Most of the LucasArts adventure games too. I know most of the puzzles by muscle memory so I can just enjoy the settings, characters, daft humour and all tha

Really enjoyed replaying the Crash Bandicoots last year too. Should check if Crash Team Racing is in le sales again at some point


Partly learned how to read through the floppy disk version of this game


Was that the PS1 one? Fond memories of my dad bringing that as a gift back from somewhere.

If I remember right, it was a strangely melancholy game. Like I remember the house feeling quite spooky and lonely in a way that’s lived in the back of my mind for decades

Oh man. I’m gonna go way back for these.

Indycar Racing 2 (PC)
Like a lot of games from my childhood, I don’t quite know why I got so into this. It was actually quite a decent sim for it’s time and introduced me to tracks like Laguna Seca. Also I liked causing loads of destruction sometimes. I introduced it to my grandad once who complained that, paraphrasing, “it’s nothing like driving a real car because the inputs are digital not analogue”


Elastomania (PC)
I was well into downloading random demos and shareware because I couldn’t afford loads of games. This sucked loads of my time and gave me RSI.

You Don’t Know Jack: UK Edition (PC)
Think I read about this in PC Zone as a pre-teen and got a demo which I found hilarious. Featured Paul Kaye, Mel and Sue and others as the voice cast. Still the funniest game I’ve ever played. Used to enjoy trying to use a swearword in my name and seeing how the game reacted.

Actually just realised it’s one of the few cd roms I still own (alongside Unreal Tournament).

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Just looked this up… was scripted by Douglas Adams! Who knew. Makes sense I guess, it was similar to the text-based Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy game


I still play this today on my phone. Just look at this beauty.

I’ve been with rollercoaster tycoon longer than all my partners added up


Pokemon forever

Will also always be fond of the fighting games I used to play, tekken, street fighter, king of fighters, those games like capcom vs snk and capcom vs marvel

Super Mario and wario too, we used to play these games all the time as kids and loved it, our dad got us warioland 2 ages ago and we didn’t know wario had his own games but loved them, the sense of humour in those games are so good




Loved a point and click PC game:

Absolutely loved The Dig, I think they were even going to make a film of it at one point

Kings Quest was great, found the landscape painting quite haunting in the way that some things like old Disney films can be when you’re a kid

Broken Sword obvs

And then other than that there was a series called Might and Magic which was basically Skyrim, number 6 was my favourite


More teenhood than childhood, but I have a lot of fond memories of the PC Format demo disk. Who needed full games when one CD gave you all of this?

Obviously, demo disks also multiplied the fun of trying to set up the computer to run the games, but my memory glosses over this.


Day of the Tentacle was amazing. I bought it for the iPhone a couple of years ago and, even though it had been at least 20 years since I last played it, I pretty much walked through the entire game without thinking.


Loved a football manager sim






Nice. It’s amazing how much your brain stores when it comes to computer games. Whole imaginary layouts and puzzle solutions stored away in case you ever need them again.

Would love to play Day of the Tentacle again. Doesn’t seem to be on Android :pensive:.