videogames from your childhood you will always love

Omg also Starfire, a game my grandparents randomly had on their Windows 95

That’s a shame - still on iOS. Which is more than you can say for some games I’ve purchased on there over the years.

Yeah thats the one! It was like a top down view where you played Casper and had to collect keys by floating throught the mansion. It did have quite dream like music to it

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Demos seem to have been a thing of the past :frowning: used to love PS1 mags with a demo disc each month


Same, and some of the puzzles are truly ludicrous in that. The one where you have to wash a car to make it rain!

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PC mag demo discs FTW!

Half a lap of Need For Speed 2, you say? Hook it to my veins, PC Magazine!


Some of my favourite memories of the PS1 are from the demo disks - spending ages on Devil Dice, some of the Net Yaroze games (hours and hours on multiplayer Gravitation with mates) and mulitplayer Armored Core.


Yeah, that was serious lateral thinking - an old joke about it always raining when you go out to wash your car.

I loved how one thing led to another - like learning that one of the twins was left handed and the other right handed, then getting them to swap so the statue in the future couldn’t be grabbed on to.

I think it took me 2 years to complete in the first place. I remember it took ages to win the dog show - who knew you had to use a fork on the spaghetti wig or that you had to use the fake barf…

Such a good game.

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I remember completing it, sitting at the computer with my dad and sibling, while he was on the phone to someone he knew from work who knew the solution to the final bit

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I watched a YouTube video of loads of the Net Yaroze games. Amazed how many I remembered!

I mean, I didn’t watch the full five hours but ya know


From childhood, my favourites would be:

On the Spectrum

Daley Thompson’s Decathlon:

World Cup Football:

On the Amiga:

Sensible World Of Soccer:



Monkey Island 2, LeChuck’s Revenge:

Micro Machines:

Civilisation (AGA version!)

Cannon Fodder:


Was it called Kurusha or something on one of the first demos where you were a guy on a platform dodging bricks which were rolling towards you.

The Net Yaroze game with the babies too!

Kurushi! Always kinda wanted the full game of that. Was the babies one the kind of bullet hell type thing? That was ace!


So many!

Because I am old and my parents believed the establishment lies about the educational benefits but couldn’t afford an actual BBC Micro, all my childhood gaming memories are on the Acorn Electron.

There will never be a more exciting aerial dogfight simulator than Bandits at 3 o’Clock.

All about that Repton


Yeah I think so, there was a dome in the middle and you had to lead them to it to save them from something, they followed you in a line

Sabre wolf on the spectrum - always got stuck at a certain point i think

Adventure boy - i think this is what it was called? Used to play this at daycare

Break bricks or whatever it was called? As above


Sonic the hedgehog - used to play with my mate and she would always make me be tails

Sim city - i loved this and played it up to about 10 years ago. I tried cities skylines but I couldn’t get the hang of it :pensive:

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Blitter Boy! Less bullets, more ghosts than was thinking, but that’s the one.


Absolutely loved the Euro 96 Actua Soccer on PC:

Tony Hawks 2 + 3

Half Life

Unreal Tournament