Viewing a chain of replies


Everything here is super lovely, but the only thing I’m struggling with is following who is replying to who in a conversation.

Clearly there are no nested replies currently. Is this likely to ever become available?

If not, are there any other current or potential future methods of following a chain of replies?

BAUDIT (New Board audit)
Close the old forum down

Never going to happen.

If you hit the icon top right of a post that is a reply then the chain pops up above that post.


What icon? I see an image of the user the reply is written to, but if I click that it just goes to that post.




That just takes me to the post that the person replied to, doesn’t it?


Maybe on mobile? The ^ in a quote does that but literally I clicked that top right link with the avatar in it, in the Sunday thread and those replies appeared and I screenshotted. Try it yourself.


timeline ?


Just tried on desktop and it worked, but on mobile it just takes you to the initial post.

Not a perfect solution, even on desktop, but better than nothing. Cheers


Seems to be screen size. My 8" tablet works like desktop but my phone just jumps back.


What I’ve been trying to do in busy threads is quote the point that I’m replying to and edit it down. Like in this post itself!

We’re not used to doing that, but I imagine as time goes on we’ll start doing this naturally? Seems like the only way to keep things clear. We’ll see, early days and all that.

I’m not too keen on Theo’s method of clicking on the reply symbol, because it means to understand the post you have to read it and then trawl backwards through the conversation, reading the earlier comment last. It’s like reading a page right to left, for me anyways. Works fine in small threads where you can remember the gist of everything, but in longer ones I find it a pain.


I tend to quote if I’m replying to an earlier post with lots of replies, whereas a thread like this that was just the two of us insert Will Smith music it’s not worth the overhead.

I think referring to that as my ‘method’ is stretching things :smiley: It’s just how the software is designed.

I saw someone asking Discourse to consider a way to just see the branches of the topic which sounds quite nice, but relies on everyone replying in the right place.