Viggo Venn (there is a poll)

I caught the bgt final last night. Of course I wasn’t shocked to see that they had some utter shite on there, same as always. But this guy won:

Not sure what to think. So we’re having a poll

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There was also the ‘im wearing pants guy’ but I think I’d need a PhD to discuss that with people

Though this person thinks the pants man could bring about world peace


watched it and found it genuinely incredible that he won. its barely an act

I think he’s a great person to bring attention to the fundamental ridiculousness of the concept.

I know that he is big in the clowning world, I am seeing a lot of people who have “claimed” him as a result.

Personally, I have never taken a clown workshop despite my curiosity (because fundamentally it overlaps with my taste in comedy) but something about trying to teach or commodify it feels more cringey than most other forms of comedy.

I know everyone here will just dismiss it as silliness, but I do acknowledge that there is an art to this kind of physical comedy, I’m just not sure I want to “learn” about it.

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I found him entertaining. But wouldnt go and watch an hour of it. My kids loved him, he looked like he was having fun. It was silly, and sometimes silly hits the spot. That show is so bloody serous and tugging at heart strings all the time, so nice to see someone taking the piss out of it a bit. If you are going to let the British public vote for things then lots of people will inevitably be disappointed.



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Parents are raging that a Norwegian’s won ruddy bloody BRITAIN’S got talent


that was fucking terrible
there is nothing good about it


I’m beginning to think that Britain does not, in fact, have talent.

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yeah I loved that.

I did actually see a woman tweeting to that effect. Very strange behaviour

we are nearing the last days of existence. thank fuck.

“Viggo Venn?” was heard being shouted by a person with a particular speech impediment when they were looking at all of profk’s Irish personal trainer posts in the GTPoSMiv thread

(Sorry this was a really weak pun but also I am not at all sorry)

Ok well yeah I watched it and didn’t understand how they won so I watched their act in the final and now I do.

The people who watch and enjoy this show, who like the people on the show, who will call or text in to vote in this show love that shit.

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I think I accidentally caught a bit of his performance in the semi final which was much better tbf

I loved it.

Britain’s “Got” Talent

Britain’s Got “Talent”

silly is great. This just felt a bit meh. MY friend fancies the hell out of him so was nice to see what the fuss was about though

I think it was because it was looking really shit and nothing happened for a minute then he got Simon to join in on his silly original act.