Vinyl acquisitions thread (rolling)


Couple of goodies this week.

Nilüfer Yanya - Painless
Cheapie from the Assai sale, forgot what a brilliant album it is. Midnight Sun is :heart:

Sonic Youth - The Destroyed Room
Put in a cheeky eBay offer and it came through. Nice double LP set.


Middle one is Unwound - Leaves Turn Inside You


Autobahn - Ecstasy of Ruin


Oh Sees - Smote Reverser

Nice to have the ridiculous artwork in my hand.


Frankie & The Witch Fingers Dinked Edition (bought)
Night Beats (present)

Today’s record fair bargains. All new & sealed, although the COAM sleeve was quite creased. £10 each apart from the Nectarine No 9 which was £5.

Nectarine No 9
PJ Harvey & John Parish
Yo La Tengo
Cavern of Anti-Matter

Turns out I have the YLT and COAM albums on cd already. :woman_facepalming:


£10 for that YLT double album really is a bargain


Yeah, I got Electr-o-pura for a tenner at the same fair a few months back.

Been slacking with my posting!

Two Superchunk bargains courtesy of our own @guntrip, a free Eels album from a friend giving away his collection, a £5 bargain for a Dodos album

A couple of dirt cheap (and dirty) charity shop classics, really well priced copy of Armed Forces I stumbled onto right after chatting about it with @WizardLizard, and maybe a double post but unsure - a fun psychy post punk trio (Wombo, if you can’t read the text) I saw here a few months back. Total impulse buy but they were great fun in the room and felt nice to support them on the last night of their first UK tour


Two awesome Superchunk records.
That Eels album is fantastic for a freebie. (It’s fantastic anyway imho)

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Excellent finds! Does the Armed Forces have the fun foldout with all the army figures and animals?

previous owner had the AUDACITY to draw on the labels in marker. Will 70% isopropanol/distilled water take this off without damaging the label?

Oof - I wouldn’t put anything wet on the vinyl label. Getting marker off sleeves is doable, but this is probably not removable.

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Couple I’ve been waiting/wanting for a while turned up today.
Got Frankie and the witch fingers dinked from pie and vinyl after it seemed to sell out everywhere else. Heard a few bad things about their mail order but they were ace with this. No 7 too!

The heads undersided box set I’ve wanted since release but was just too pricy. Asked a seller who was selling at an ok price if he would take offers and he just whacked the price down by 10 straight away so I snapped it up. No 777 of 1000 so 7 was my lucky number today…spooky

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Bloody hell!

Could just mean it was a promo copy marked like that to stop it being sold on at the time? Same way you get LPs with cut corners or saw bites.

I love stuff like this, if there’s two copies of a used LP and one’s cheaper because it’s got some 80s record store price sticker on it you better believe I’m getting the one with the sticker. They all tell a bit of a story about where it’s been. If it plays it’s no biggie.


no! :frowning: there was another well-priced one across town that sounded like it was in better condition so maybe that one was a better bet … but got this one for £6 a 10 min walk from my front door. Can’t complain!

the stupid record store I give all my money to didn’t mention it, I just paid my money and picked it up. If it’s something that affects playback they’ll say so or “rough cover”

Ah yeah they should absolutely make sure you know about it and give you the option to change your mind/haggle before you pay!

problem is with second hand trade-ins you can’t hold it until you arrive to inspect so you gotta either pay for it or hope it’s still there by the time you arrive to inspect it yourself.

Odd that it’s only on other sides of the label!?