Vinyl acquisitions thread (rolling)

Couple I’ve been waiting/wanting for a while turned up today.
Got Frankie and the witch fingers dinked from pie and vinyl after it seemed to sell out everywhere else. Heard a few bad things about their mail order but they were ace with this. No 7 too!

The heads undersided box set I’ve wanted since release but was just too pricy. Asked a seller who was selling at an ok price if he would take offers and he just whacked the price down by 10 straight away so I snapped it up. No 777 of 1000 so 7 was my lucky number today…spooky

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Bloody hell!

Could just mean it was a promo copy marked like that to stop it being sold on at the time? Same way you get LPs with cut corners or saw bites.

I love stuff like this, if there’s two copies of a used LP and one’s cheaper because it’s got some 80s record store price sticker on it you better believe I’m getting the one with the sticker. They all tell a bit of a story about where it’s been. If it plays it’s no biggie.


no! :frowning: there was another well-priced one across town that sounded like it was in better condition so maybe that one was a better bet … but got this one for £6 a 10 min walk from my front door. Can’t complain!

the stupid record store I give all my money to didn’t mention it, I just paid my money and picked it up. If it’s something that affects playback they’ll say so or “rough cover”

Ah yeah they should absolutely make sure you know about it and give you the option to change your mind/haggle before you pay!

problem is with second hand trade-ins you can’t hold it until you arrive to inspect so you gotta either pay for it or hope it’s still there by the time you arrive to inspect it yourself.

Odd that it’s only on other sides of the label!?

Incase anyone here is interested…

I already have these but i would say that is an utter utter bargain at those prices. You’d probably get quite a bit more if you sold them to a second hand store (maybe reckless?)

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Delivery this morning from Ripcord Records

Pure Wrath - Hymn to the Woeful Hearts
Voidsphere - To Call | To Speak


got some pretty road-worn but legendary records from a guy this week selling his whole collection. All NZ pressings which is cool, but Pink Flag is pretty busted up unfortunately - I’m gonna return it he’s cool with it

Swell Maps - in Jane From Occupied Europe
Wire - Pink Flag
Wire - 154


Another catch up post…

Juga-Naut’s excellent Time & Place on Daupe! from Bandcamp
Latin Freestyle Rough Trade exclusive Pink vinyl. Fun compilation with bangers galore put together by Bob Stanley
Marlowe 3 - 3rd time lucky, ordered direct from Mello Music group back in Feb, USPS lost the first two copies they posted too me!
Freddie Gibbs from Rough Trade

Aesop Rock Skelethon 10 Year Anniversary from Rough Trade.
Bone Thugs-n-Harmony & Madlib monthly Vinyl Me Please records, Handsome Boy Modeling School my 3rd Free VMP record of the year.

Bonus pic of the Jugz vinyl just because.


Just been to my local second hand store, and picked up The History of Fairport Convention.

2LP, with a ‘family history’ on the front cover, and full size booklet inside (still including ribbon). Both records are absolutely pristine.

Seemed like a steal at £10, but maybe I’m just desensitised by the price of new vinyl….


Use Knife - The Shedding of Skin
Really liking this Belgian/Iranian darkwave/post-industrial thing. If the name makes you think of The Knife, the music might too. There are some Shaking the Habitual vibes.


Quelle Chris - Being You Is Great! I Wish I Could Be You More Often
Latest repress of his 2017 album. I had wanted the 2018 pressing on solid pink & green 2xLP but few were available and I wasn’t willing to pay the asking price. And come to think of it, I prefer a single LP. Just prefer the look of the solid colors.


Nice £10 pick-up - vinyl looks unplayed.