Vinyl acquisitions thread (rolling)

Yeah sorry leapt on that link QUICK when it was posted - hopefully there’s some more about!

@spiritofjazz ah that’s annoying! Fingers crossed it gets there soon!

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Sounds like we ordered around the same time so not panicking yet if you’ve only just got yours a day or two ago

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Don’t post many of my purchases/finds on here but this one felt like one that DiS would appreciate


two scores today,
Protomartyr - Relatives in Descent - needs no intro
Beastie Boys- Aglio E Olio - always loved this album, on the streaming services it’s missing Soba Violence but on here it’s present as well as some weird Doors cover that doesn’t really fit


mine came last Saturday, but a friend ordered two at the same time and he’s had one but not the other (no idea why they send them separately but apparently they do)

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Another recipient of multiple Rarewaves (USA) packages checking in.

The Veronica Falls one was supposed to be the album, but is actually the seven inch single of the same title. Not quite the bargain that I thought I was getting……

(the other two were as cheap as chips, though)


My purchases this week. The new Bas Jan and the albums from earlier this year by Telehealth and Silicone Prairie. All excellent.


I need to revisit Telehealth, just streamed it once so far but there was good stuff. Maybe a bit overlong for the style, could have kept me from revisiting already.

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A good week


Even though I have an original pressing, I couldn’t resist this 50th anniversary Thin Lizzy repress. Comes with a signed Jim Fitzpatrick art print. Picked up the 7" at the same time.

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Popped into Diverse Records in Newport and got this in their sale


Fuck i want that

How much?

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Resident have it

A couple of quid cheaper than what I paid too

Ah still a bit rich for me.

Thanks to the music bargains thread :purple_heart:. I now own all the Antlers albums on vinyl, all purchased in sales/at knockdown prices.


Yesterday’s acquisitions at the Reading record fair. Probabsly cost me less than 2xRSD releases for the lot.


How much was the Adebisi album?

Marked up as a tenner but for that, Lucy Gooch and Maisy Peters’ debut (Xmas gift for my daughter, not in photo) for £25.


This arrived today. I was so pleased when I found out this had been reissued, it felt like it would never happen. Less than 6 months ago original copies were going for over £200.