Vinyl acquisitions thread (rolling)

I’ve only had it a couple of years. I’d done some overtime or something and decided to treat myself. It’s a weighty beast, but I am so very happy with it!

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Relatively recent, last year. Just wanted to show off what might be the wildest looking vinyl I own!

Akhlys - The Dreaming I


That Kedr Livanskiy album is great! Wouldn’t mind dub versions of the whole album.

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That’s amazing. Don’t think I have anything close to that wild

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They were meant to do two or three of those Array EPs that year, but as far as I know that’s the only one that was released.

I don’t go out of my way to collect Pumpkins stuff but if I see something out in the wild, as was the case on my trip to Bath today, I’ll usually pick it up……


Darkside ‘Spiral’ - looks like it comes with a vinyl only extra track!


Like the message in the middle of the DJ Python record Mas Amable from last year:

I went to that early 2020. It is pretty big it has to be said. Found a couple of nice things, and I think I even posted one of them on here on the train home.

I used to like Loop. I am annoyed that when I was younger 95% of what I bought was on vinyl, as it was the major format, whereas I have A Guilded Eternity on tape. Must have been much cheaper or something.

Does anybody sell Siamese Dream for a sane price?

Also would love to find My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Flawless album that. Got it on cd for my 16th birthday

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MBDTF keeps on being repressed I think. But I can never keep up with which is supposed to be a decent quality pressing of it.

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My two most recent arrivals.

Lab 4 Reformation 2. Stupidly fast Hard Trance from an act I used to love seeing live. This is a new remix edition.

LP from Hana. Long time Grimes collaborator.

Not sure but found Adore in a local record shop the other week… £180 (obvs didn’t buy it).

I got MBDTF on amazon sorry for £30ish fairly recently. It pops up now and again but the price fluctuates wildly

180 quid!? Wtf!? I have the glossy 2015ish repress of that. Love it. Is it the original that’s worth that?

Edit: just checked eBay, you can get the repress for 60 quid sealed

Saw an original with a heavily caveated grading sticker on it in a local shop the other week. I think they wanted £80 for it.

Few used bits picked up this weekend while trawling shops on holiday. Faust Tapes is 1973 1st pressing, and the DM singles are in perfect condition - I pick them up when I can find them as they’re getting harder to come across (especially Violator/SOFAD-era) and the extended mixes are so often awesome. And Shake the Disease is one of my favourite DM tracks full stop.


Mad if you can’t just buy a standard version of this. I guess the original release must have been pretty much all cd sales. Why not just make it available on vinyl like Nevermind. They’d sell so many copies and still have plenty of room for selling special versions to hardcore fans.

Nah I reckon it had a fair few vinyl sales for the time it came out. I had it on vinyl… must have traded it in at some point, wish I’d kept it now!

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