Vinyl Holy Grail

The excitement of getting a record in the post when you’re working at home has definitely fuelled my buying over the last year. The first spin is a lovely moment.


Listened to the Peter Murphy album today twice (Holy Smoke). You can hear the early 90’s in it and some bauhaus vibes also. Really enjoying it.

The last song on side 1 is driving me nuts because it reminds me of something else that I cannot put my finger on.

Got my reissue of Fu Manchu’s The Action Is Go over the weekend. Two discs, one green and one blue, plus a bonus clear 7" and a fantastic cover I’m really happy to finally have at 12" size. And it sounds great!


Also mightily pleased to finally have the Forever Dolphin Love album on vinyl. I was a touch obsessed with the other worldly sound on it some years back and adored the video. Just checked this studio live take now and wow, what is that 2nd drummer doing?


Absolutely love this live version. It knows no timing and has such a strange natural flow. What a performance. I went to see them live 5 years ago but it was sold out and despite trying several times to get in I couldn’t get in. You usually can wangle your way in to events if needed. Gutted I missed them so much now.

What an incredible song, must be up there with the most unique records of the last 10 years. The video is practically a moving painting and conjures up hope and loss so magically.

Ooof did not realised this had been re-released! Just found a copy on Hex Records which I’ve snapped up. Pretty pleased with that!

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you did well there, seems to be sold out in a lot of places already!

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I got my old CD out earlier with the vague idea that I’d see what difference the remastering makes, and look what dropped out

I remember it well, came up from Brighton with my friend Metal Matt, and he was so excited he fainted when they came onstage. It was like The Beatles at Shea Stadium.


I am SOLD on this description…

This arrived today and sounds GREAT. Cheers for alerting me to its existence @maggieloveshopey


thanks for reminding me and likewise @maggieloveshopey - thanks!

Just ordered one from the UK which was the only copy i could find so hopefully it’s a correct listing. Looks beautiful and is some seminal FU! I’ve only got King of the Road on vinyl and thats a boot so very happy about this.


Rough Trade are getting an “exclusive” limited repress of 3 Feet High and Rising, pre-order live now


£40 is obviously silly and opportunistic just for coloured vinyl (not even sure it looks that nice really, still prefer the VMP pressing), won’t actually get it for 6 months, and it’s an open secret that all of the Tommy Boy albums are getting reissued at that time anyway, still it’s nice to know that I’m actually going to get my most wanted album, and it’ll almost certainly end up being worth more than that on Discogs anyway…


Do you know if Buhloone is getting reissued?

It’ll be going for £100 immediately, more probably. 2000 is a low run for such an iconic album.

Might be a bunch of other exclusives though?

Pre ordered bit weird that it isn’t out until November. Having said that you read any label socials and they are all struggling to get time at pressing plants. Guessing this is coming from the US at the £40 price.

No idea, it worth dropping £40 on though either way.

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Feel a bit of a sucker but I love the album and my original is really bad.

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I had the original and sold it at the first record fair I ever did when I was 23 in 1993, this was before I worked in a record shop. I had worn it out but it still played.

Sold it for £1.


Was only listening to this earlier. Think only half of it is available on Bandcamp. One of the best things I’ve heard in years.

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