Vinyl Holy Grail

From what I’ve heard, Tommy Boy are reissuing at least the first four albums later this year.

As has been said, there will probably be a few other retailers who’ll get their own “exclusives”, if not of 3 Feet then of the other albums.

My main concern is that it’s still not clear whether the band themselves will get anything at all from these, I’d feel a lot better about paying £40 for it if I knew the band were getting paid. They’ve been fucked over financially their whole career, I hope this is a sign that they’ve worked things out with Tommy Boy

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I am in the ‘it’s a shitload but I have spent it’ category too. Like most releases I don’t doubt there will be a lot of variants, and many retailer exclusives. But most in the US.

Oh this is a no-brainer tbh, ordered and slightly surprised it’s not sold out already.

Anyone know if the Minecraft Alpha and Beta albums can be picked up anywhere for not stupid money or if they are likely to get a repress?

Looking for my nephew who is big into Minecraft.

Cd would be fine too.