Vinyl Holy Grail

I sold this a few years back too for not much. Had it on Discogs for ages with no interest.

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I need to check Discogs more regularly as they do crop up from time to time on there but I always see them listed as sold and not for sale.

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Yeah I just looked and non for sale at the moment. I’m surprised, maybe they’ve been rediscovered a bit since I sold my copy?

Reissue is cheap as chips

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Actually the one I want the most at the moment is Moor Mother & billy woods - Brass. Hope it gets a UK distributor.

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Yeah quite possibly. Like has been said on other threads, just takes for one person to whack a zero on the end and it artificially inflates the value.

Wants/swaps thread would be a good idea!

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Yup I’ve landed myself one straight away! Realise now DMS was a very bad example of ‘why can’t we have this damn thing reissued’ - my point stands for ‘Ocean Songs’ and ‘Jane Doe’ though: take my damn money!


This album really is the Holy Grail for me. I managed to get a copy for £30 last year. It was delivered, my neighbour took it in, or at least I thought they did. He’d actually put it in his car as he was leaving for work. He forgot about it and his car was broken into overnight and stuff stolen, including my copy of Code Selfish. FFS.


Wants / swaps is a great idea and could be done in this thread with a moderated title edit?

I guess part of my problem is I don’t know what version of Only In It For The Money I’m after. I assume it is the original pressing but am not 100% on this. I heard it from a taped source on cassette in the late 80’s and I bought the 90’s re-issue that had been remastered and it certainly sounds different.

There are copies of it on eBay for around £50 on Verve but the labels are always black not blue which I assume is the original press?


Looks like the original UK pressing had black labels.

Probably worth posting on Discogs or a Zappa forum to work out which version you are after?

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I can see a black label one on eBay for £50 that I’d pay for but I’m sure the cassette I heard was taped from the LP I saw from the same persons collection and was blue Verve. If the original is black I’ll buy it but have a slight fear it’ll be the wrong version.

Thanks for the pointers.

To add to my woe, I also bought a copy of Bend Sinister by the Fall for £30 which was in the same package. I really hope the thief opened the package and thought who the fuck are The Fall?!

Yeah it’d be annoying not to get the version you were after. I think you need to tap into some specialist Zappa knowledge.

These are the only forums I use, feels a little intimidating to wade into a Zappa forum and ask immediately what I’m after then leave, if such a forum exists (probably does).

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Btw when people talk about original pressing I’m never quite sure what they mean.

Say Zappa releases a record in 1968 in the US and there is a UK version that came out the same date does that count as original pressing or only the very first run of the US version?

Do you still have the tape?

No but I have it ripped to MP3, the version I’m after.

Also, confusing the picture disc release from 2 years ago says it’s the original version but Mastered in 2018, and if they’ve mastered it, they’ve changed it presumably.

You might be onto something here, the US Verve’s are blue, the UK ones black.

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The Canadian cd press with a different track list and with some of the tracks having alternate beats is my all time biggest want. Not paying $400 for it though


I’d really like this on vinyl and I don’t really care whether it is an original or a reissue. Even the reissue is well over £50 though if you can find it. So far as I can make it out it has never been officially released on vinyl anywhere in Europe which seems bizarre given what a famous and critically acclaimed album it is.

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