Vinyl Holy Grail

Yeah, I would have thought Mr Bongo would reissue it but maybe Polysom have worldwide rights – that said, the Polysom reissues are meant to be brilliant quality if pricey.

Man, when lockdown is over, feel free to fire round to mine. Got some good speakers and can provide beers, snacks and tissues. Listening party in glorious 44.1khz, 16 bit!

would love decent copies of Deloused in the Comatorium and The Decline of British Sea Power


It was reissued on vinyl in America in 2010 on a label called Four Men With Beards and on CD on different labels in different countries so the rights are obviously complex. It’s amazing that it’s never been officially released on vinyl anywhere in Europe.

was available on their website

happy payday to me!


I recently discovered quite a few vinyls I have are worth between 30-200 quid.

The ones I’m not that fussed about keeping, I’m gonna sell and put towards some new digital decks.

But discovered selling on discogs is quite a pain! First, they take an eye watering 8% commission! Second, you have to set-up all these complicated selling criteria/rules.

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Deloused is a cracking album :+1:

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+vat and you pay the PayPal fees so figure in 20% off the selling price.

Selling rules have changed recently and they’ve made a right mess (as discussed on the discogs thread)

Think this lot are very sketchy. Flat out refuse to answer any questions about pressing sources and according to some online sites most of their presses come from retail cds.

I bought a very official looking cd of Clube da Esquina (in Brazil!) but pretty sure it’s a bootleg. seems like it’s very hard to get any official reissue of it. So weird given how famous it is, like you say

Hopefully Mr Bongo will do a proper job like Spicer says - their other Milton Nascimento reissue have been great.

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Plus vat? Hmm, I’m sure it said included in mine. Is it different depending what country you’re in?

PayPal fees aren’t much? (Or don’t seem to be on other stuff I’ve done…)

I’ve gathered so far, that one “trick” is to set the postage really high to make up for some of the losses. I’m doing this especially as they will be one off, expensive, purchases.

(Didn’t realise there was a discogs thread; will have a look :+1:)

Probably Machina by the Pumpkins. It was released (2000) in between my vinyl buying lull.

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Yeah vat will depend on region I guess. It gets added when they send the monthly invoice.
I thought paypal was about 10% but could be wrong.

i just checked paypal, it’s 2.9% in the UK. actually more than i thought; thought it was literally like 1% :roll_eyes:

wow, just checked all the VAT stuff; mind boggling. Sounds like I will be charged 20% by discogs, even though they themselves are not selling or buying?!

Not sure i can be arsed with all this, and losing so much of the final fee…

I’ve got a copy of Ride’s ‘Nowhere’ on vinyl. Think i got it in a second hand record shop in Glasgow for under £10 around 10 years ago. Just checked on discogs and cheapest copy is £87! It has an amazing cover.

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Sold mine for about £50 years ago. Big regret

Discogs definitely takes some effort and can ocassionally be a pain.


I’ve sold a few records on eBay lately. Sold Koi No Yokan by Deftones for £50

I can’t say I’m completely amazed. Not defending them or others like them, but when the rights holders don’t satisfy an obvious demand by putting out official reissues in decent numbers they create the space in the market for people like that.

i had a look on ebay. Seems like the wild west there. Didn’t find much for the type of stuff i’m looking to sell either. Could just list it and if it doesn’t sell, no bother…

I put a solo Stephen Malkmus album up. Didnt get any attention for weeks then bam, a bunch of people drove it up to 45 quid and sold

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